September 22, 2017 - 2 Tishrei 5778


Beware of ‘God-intoxication;’ first see to human suffering

The real test of our religious commitment isn’t in the meticulous performance of rituals, but the way we treat God’s creatures on Earth.

Wychwood Barns done up as Machane Yehudah

Wychwood Barns in Toronto was transformed into Jerusalem’s famous Machane Yehudah market on Sept. 10.

UJA Federation aims to raise $57.4 million in 2017

Among the beneficiaries of campaign funds are Jewish Family & Child Service, JIAS (Jewish Immigrant Aid Services), Zareinu Educational Centre, Chai Tikvah and JVS Toronto.

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Can music bring back the disenfranchised daveners?

By making music a key part of their services, The Song Shul and Shir Libeynu are examples of itinerant synagogues that have attracted hundreds of worshippers to Shabbat and High Holiday davening.


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Jenji Kohan’s Jewish characters less farcical, more nuanced

I have a theory: Unlike other show runners and creators, the creator of Weeds and Orange is the New Black is more than just “culturally Jewish.” Her family spends High Holidays at synagogue and have Shabbat dinners.

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