April 20, 2018 - 5 Iyar 5778


‘The world has lost a bright light’: Prominent chabad couple’s son...

Zalmy Plotkin, the youngest son of Rabbi Avrahom Plotkin, the spiritual leader of Chabad-Lubavitch of Markham, and his wife, Goldie Plotkin, died unexpectedly on April 15, two days before his 15th birthday.

Crowdfunding campaign raises $3 million for Toronto day schools

A 24-hour crowdfunding campaign to raise money for 12 Toronto-area day schools brought in $3.1 million, exceeding the initiative’s $2-million goal.

Tales from the fascist book club

Faith Goldy made a mistake by recommending an anti-Semitic book. But that doesn't mean that people shouldn't read it.


Gala will raise funds for supportive housing for people with mental...

The Chai-Tikvah Foundation, a Jewish mental health organization that has helped people cope with mental health issues for 25 years, will make its pitch for financial support at its annual gala on May 2.


Living Jewish


Novella splendidly blends math and literature

This book is a pseudo-biography imagining the early life of Benoit Mandelbrot, "the father of fractals."

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