September 26, 2017 - 6 Tishrei 5778


Frog and Toad were just friends, not gay lovers

People enjoy creating narratives to make themselves feel good. They should stick to the facts and stop attempting to rewrite history. Those frogs had a strictly platonic, amphibious relationship.

Interfaith leaders build houses for low-income families

This is the largest build in Habitat for Humanity’s history. By 2019, the site’s $18-million stacked townhouses will house 50 low-income families.

City Moguls walk runway for charity fashion show

"City Moguls are entrepreneurs and influencers between the ages of  25 and 45 who represent a variety of industries – media, fashion, marketing, finance. They're innovative and they all do something a little bit different.”

June 1967

How the 1967 war turned Israel into a pariah state

Once defeated by the powerful and therefore no longer embattled Israelis, the Arabs became the objects of pity, and were assigned the part of victim.



Living Jewish


Jenji Kohan’s Jewish characters less farcical, more nuanced

I have a theory: Unlike other show runners and creators, the creator of Weeds and Orange is the New Black is more than just “culturally Jewish.” Her family spends High Holidays at synagogue and have Shabbat dinners.

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