November 20, 2017 - 2 Kislev 5778


Students support McGill Daily, despite perceived bias

CIJA is urging the university administrators to make continued funding for the paper contingent upon its “full compliance with journalistic ethics.”

The new face of Judaism

Kay discusses five thought provoking ideas on the Jewish state, the people in Israel and the Diaspora.

We should welcome the apologies of those making amends

Shinewald discusses the importance of making amends through the story of Elkasrawy.

June 1967

How the 1967 war turned Israel into a pariah state

Once defeated by the powerful and therefore no longer embattled Israelis, the Arabs became the objects of pity, and were assigned the part of victim.


Tara Fainstein steps down as COO of The CJN

Tara Fainstein, who’s served as the chief operating officer (COO) of The CJN for the past three years, is leaving the paper to pursue a new career in the charitable sector.


Living Jewish


Children with disabilities participate in fashion show

Professional models, community members and children showcased top Canadian designs at the Fontana Primavera Event Centre in Vaughan, Ont., on Nov. 14.

Shabbat Times




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