February 22, 2018 - 7 Adar 5778


A walk through Buenos Aires’ tough Jewish history

In 1813, a few years after Argentina began its war for independence from Spain, the president abolished the Inquisition and enforced policies that encouraged immigration.

Why high-profile businessman Mitch Garber is bullish on Israeli economy

High-profile Montreal businessman Mitch Garber, who made a fortune in online gaming, has been spending a lot of time in Israel, since he stepped down as chairman and CEO of Caesars Interactive Entertainment last fall.

JPPS, German studentS learn about Max Stern together

Children from a Montreal Jewish elementary school knew they were about to be part of an exciting international collaboration when a politician from a faraway city cartwheeled for them.


Jewish spectators crowd court in case of Orthodox man on life...

As lawyers presented arguments that may determine the fate of 25-year-old Shalom Nethanel Ouanounou, dozens of Orthodox Jews came and went.


Living Jewish


Montefiore delivers historical thrills in trilogy’s finale

Simon Sebag Montefiore offers his countless readers a storied name, he is one of those rare authors who, with equal command, write acclaimed works of both fiction and non-fiction

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