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July 27, 2016 - 21 Tammuz 5776


In a volatile region, Israel looks like oasis of stability

Overall, ties, both official and unofficial, continue to grow between Israel and Sunni Arab and Muslim states that look to Israel as an oasis of stability in an increasingly volatile region, writes Paul Michaels

Copying for the sake of Jewish education

Too often, especially in the field of Jewish education, we’re hesitant to look at others’ ideas and borrow. We adopt a stance that our needs are idiosyncratic, making others’ approaches irrelevant to our community’s experience, writes Daniel Held

The Shabbat Table: Summer living, having a blast!

When it comes to preparing meals for Shabbos, there’s nothing better than serving some simple salads, especially when it's summer


Hillary Clinton ensured pro-Israel platform, says adviser

Hillary Clinton personally asked an adviser, Wendy Sherman, to make sure the Democratic Party platform remained pro-Israel, Sherman said.
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Fictional memoir describes family experiences

Metaphors for Love is a collection of linked stories by Tilya Gallay Helfield. Each story points to an episode of her character Ruth’s life
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