March 24, 2017 - 26 Adar 5777


Garth Drabinsky in his heyday

Your daily spiel for Thursday, March 23

In today's spiel: Bomb threats at York University's Glendon campus, an Israeli-American arrested on suspicion of perpetrating over 100 U.S. bomb threats on Jewish institutions, Garth Drabinsky's new musical.

Trump-era sermons should focus on character, not policy

One of the reasons I switched synagogues was for want of a better sermon. Rabbis have a choice to critique the Trump administration’s policies in their sermons. But in some senses, that would represent a missed opportunity.

Broadcasting vet Ralph Benmergui returns to CBC renewed

Over the span of his 35 years in broadcasting, Benmergui has seen it all: the hype, the hustle, the hoopla, the false promises and the fickle and ugly underbelly of an industry that will steal your soul.


Why Russian Jews are the way they are

Except for nominal membership in Chabbad-run institutions, Russian Jews find Canada's community does not promote the culture they're used to.


David Bezmozgis: a trailblazer for Russian-Jewish creators in Canada

Seeing a lack of literature about his own Russian-Jewish community in Toronto, writer and filmmaker David Bezmozgis took it upon himself to change that.

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