August 24, 2017 - 2 Elul 5777


When identity politics become toxic

How can we distinguish between forms of identity politics that increase inclusion and promote tolerance, and those that increase marginalization and promote intolerance?

What I learned Braving the Northwest Passage

Even the sun and the moon are on a different schedule in the Arctic.

Frédéric Dayan, président de la Campagne sépharade de l’AJU

Le lancement officiel de la Campagne sépharade de l’Appel Juif Unifié (AJU) de la FÉDÉRATION CJA aura lieu le 29 août. Entrevue avec le président de la Campagne sépharade 2017, Frédéric Dayan.


Keeping Jews Jewish in cyberspace

Recognizing that cyberspace has become the front line in the struggle for Jewish hearts and minds, Jews for Judaism launched its unique YouTube channel five years ago.

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