March 25, 2017 - 27 Adar 5777


Scene from 'Fauda'

Co-creator Lior Raz on Fauda’s crazy, international success

Raz says Israelis (and everyone else) are fascinated by mista’arvim, the counter-terrorism units specifically trained to infiltrate local Arab populations. Fauda looks at a group of these infiltrators.

Pesach by numbers: How many calories are in the average seder?

The Seder meal alone, without the four cups of wine, desserts, nuts and other fattening foods, can total 1,700 calories. Here are some tips to help your waistline this Passover.

Your daily spiel for Friday, March 24

In today's spiel: Jews affected by federal budget, Israeli teen suspected of U.S. bomb threats identified and Jessica Biel is a little bit Jewish.


David Bezmozgis: a trailblazer for Russian-Jewish creators in Canada

Seeing a lack of literature about his own Russian-Jewish community in Toronto, writer and filmmaker David Bezmozgis took it upon himself to change that.

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