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January 19, 2017 - 21 Tevet 5777


Chabad hopes billboards will hasten coming of Mashiach

Since December, Chabad has erected 75 billboards in Toronto encouraging acts of kindness as way to hasten Mashiach.

A new pharaoh rises, and it’s Donald Trump

Parshat Shmot reminds us as Diaspora Jews to make sure we are "known" to the new U.S. president, as Joseph was to the new pharaoh.

Your daily spiel for Wednesday, Jan. 18

YidLife Crisis nominated for stuff, a positive look at Jewish history, Rabbi Hier explains inauguration appearance, U of Lethbridge to file human rights complaint against prof, Brazil's new ambassador to Israel and Mark Zuckerberg in court.


Academics reject Israel boycott at MLA conference

Opponents of an academic boycott of Israel scored back-to-back victories at a conference of the Modern Language Association Jan. 5-8.
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Galapagos feels like Eden

The Digital Genizah


New Israeli show Fauda is gripping, gritty and sexy

The new Israeli-produced drama, currently streaming on Netflix, boasts a cat of Israelis and Palestinians and shows the chaos of misery inflicted on both sides of the conflict.
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