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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World
Updated: 14 min 9 sec ago

In Israel, Holocaust survivor worries about her Gazan daughter

35 min 43 sec ago
79-year-old ‘Sarah’ made aliyah from Hungary in 1950. That’s where her story departs from the conventional narrative

Rockets found in UNRWA school, for third time

1 hour 46 min ago
UN agency spokesperson condemns discovery, says munitions expert hasn’t yet reached Gaza facility

Olmert’s prison sentence postponed

2 hours 18 min ago
Ex-PM and other public figures convicted in Holyland affair won’t start jail time on September 1 as planned

Day 23: Heavy Israeli air strikes on Gaza, after rockets fired at Tel Aviv

2 hours 57 min ago
Reports of hostile Obama-Netanyahu call denied; Kerry says PM wanted to discuss ceasefire; Hamas military chief says no halt without lifting blockade; IDF death toll at 53 after 10 soldiers killed Monday; Gaza toll above 1,200

Israel, US deny veracity of transcript of ‘hostile’ Obama call to Netanyahu

3 hours 19 min ago
Israeli TV’s account of Sunday night conversation, featuring unfriendly president unwilling to listen to counter-arguments, ‘bears no resemblance to reality,’ both sides say

Our fighters are eager for death, Hamas military chief says

3 hours 21 min ago
In recorded message, Mohammed Deif says his group will not stop attacks until Israel lifts its blockage of Gaza

Gaza conflict batters business in Jaffa

4 hours 21 min ago
Local proprietors blame the port’s malaise on the hostilities down south, but say Arab-Jewish relations stay steady

US negotiator accused of ‘zero commitment’ to Iran deal

4 hours 37 min ago
Wendy Sherman says administration won’t necessarily seek congressional approval before suspending more sanctions

Congress tries to seal $225m Israel aid package

4 hours 41 min ago
In bipartisan effort, Democratic and Republican lawmakers scramble to secure additional funding for Iron Dome

Amid fighting, Europeans told to visit scenic, peaceful Israel

5 hours 28 min ago
Tourism Ministry commercials during Tour de France raise ire on social media; ‘we would have liked to push it off,’ official says

We must deliver a knockout to Hamas

5 hours 47 min ago
A ceasefire will just grant the terrorists time to reorganize, rearm and equip themselves anew

Netanyahu looking to US in ceasefire discussions — Kerry

6 hours 5 min ago
US diplomat says PM told him he won’t accept a ceasefire that leaves Israel ‘disadvantaged,’ unprotected

Over 90% of Jewish Israelis say Gaza op justified

6 hours 10 min ago
Fewer than 4% of this month’s Peace Index poll participants think Operation Protective Edge is disproportionate

Gush Katif evacuees struggle with temporary bomb shelters

6 hours 44 min ago
Vulnerable and still adrift 9 years after the Gaza disengagement, residents of Nitzan are predictably unsurprised by Hamas’s rocket and tunnel attacks

Israel acting like a rabid dog in Gaza, Iran’s Khamenei says

6 hours 54 min ago
Supreme leader calls for arming Palestinians to fight against Israel’s ‘genocide’; Rouhani calls Jewish state ‘a tumor’

Protesters rally outside air base against bombings

7 hours 14 min ago
Demonstrators dress up as blood-stained corpses and call for more talking and no fighting

France hands over suspected Jewish Museum gunman to Belgium

7 hours 18 min ago
Mehdi Nemmouche arrives in Brussels amid guarantees that he won’t be sent to another country, such as Israel

Cruz, Bardem call Israeli op ‘genocide’

7 hours 19 min ago
Hollywood power couple add their names to letter from Spanish artists condemning IDF incursion into Gaza

Israel’s dilemma: Topple Hamas, or again come to terms with it

7 hours 44 min ago
As Palestinians prepare to negotiate ceasefire in Cairo, Jerusalem still hasn’t decided whether to oust Hamas or seek a new set of understandings

Erdogan to return Jewish American award

8 hours 20 min ago
Turkish PM indicates he will gladly give back 2004 award due to AJC’s ‘regrettable stance’ on Gaza conflict

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