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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World
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Ice Cube melts down, ‘beats up rabbi’

Friday May 29, 2015
45-year-old Jewish man claims he was attacked by Hip Hop artist outside Casino, sues for $2 million in damages

2 car bombs kill 10 people in Baghdad

Friday May 29, 2015
No group claims responsibility for blasts, but Islamic State has carried out similar attacks in country in past

UN pleads to put aside differences, end ‘devastating’ Syria war

Friday May 29, 2015
International body’s humanitarian chief says over 12.2 million people in embattled country need aid

Israel vote at FIFA may be unavoidable, say officials

Thursday May 28, 2015
Global umbrella set to take up Palestinian motion to suspend Israel from participation in world soccer

US to vote for Ali in FIFA election, not Blatter

Thursday May 28, 2015
‘This is a vote for good governance,’ says US Soccer Federation head Gulati, citing corruption indictments against FIFA officials

Defiant soccer chief resists calls to resign amid scandal

Thursday May 28, 2015
Though not implicated in bribery indictments engulfing FIFA’s top ranks, Sepp Blatter seen by opponents as part of the problem

A look at the voting blocs in the FIFA president balloting

Thursday May 28, 2015
Incumbent and favorite Sepp Blatter has earned intense loyalty from national soccer clubs by dispersing billions of dollars over the years

US to ‘fine tune’ Iraq strategy in light of Ramadi debacle

Thursday May 28, 2015
Pentagon considers arming Sunni tribes against Islamic State after disappointing failures of Iraqi army

UN resolution on protecting Iraqi antiquities excludes Syria

Thursday May 28, 2015
Despite its artifacts facing similar threat from Islamic State, diplomats wary of rushing to defense of Assad regime

Israel OK’s African-American family as citizens

Thursday May 28, 2015
Despite arriving in 2011 with Reform conversions recognized under Law of Return, family fought 4-year legal battle for recognition

Dozen firms hope to buy Israeli defense contractor

Thursday May 28, 2015
Government privatization plans for Israel Military Industries finds eager buyers, both at home and abroad

Six foreign ministers headed to Israel

Thursday May 28, 2015
As France readies ‘imposed peace’ push at UN, battery of foreign officials to hold meetings in Jerusalem, Ramallah

Amid rising national anti-Semitism, British evangelicals step up

Thursday May 28, 2015
Christians Des and Remeny Starritt hope to stir up support for Israel with a new Christians United for Israel branch office in London

Kurdish fighters on the march against Islamic State

Thursday May 28, 2015
While Iraqi forces are repeatedly routed by jihadists, Kurds in northeast Syria are retaking towns and villages

Girls seek sisterhood, not just marriage, in IS

Thursday May 28, 2015
Study finds ‘search for meaning, identity’ a key driver of ‘unprecedented’ surge in jihadi women recruits

In al-Nusra Front’s Syria, no room for religious minorities

Thursday May 28, 2015
A rare interview with Islamist group leader Abu Mohammed al-Golani reveals the danger awaiting Syria’s non-Muslim groups after Assad falls

Labor unions end 4-month strike at Dead Sea factories

Thursday May 28, 2015
Workers set to retain their jobs after threat of mass layoffs in 3 plants prompts intense negotiations

20-year-old student drowns to death in muddy pond

Thursday May 28, 2015
Rescue workers blame seasonal changes on thick, muddy water in Jerusalem dam that made swimming dangerous

Leah Goldberg, the translator

Thursday May 28, 2015
In helping birth modern Hebrew culture, she rejected purism and shaped a nation that might welcome strangeness

Sex, drugs and Philistines: A biblical psychedelic scene

Thursday May 28, 2015
Breakthrough ‘sensory archaeology’ research reveals a 3,000-year-old ritual culture of mind-altering substances in Israel

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