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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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Israeli woman’s Palestinian killer gets 2 life terms

Thursday March 26, 2015
Hamdi el-Hashalmoun unrepentant over stabbing Dalia Lemkus to death; victim’s mother asks judges for death sentence

Co-pilot ‘deliberately’ crashed Germanwings plane

Thursday March 26, 2015
Flight recorders reveal that moments before impact, passengers, finally aware of their fate, began screaming

Deal may let Iran keep centrifuges at fortified site

Thursday March 26, 2015
Tehran could be allowed to maintain Fordo facility, as long as it allows inspection and doesn’t pursue an atomic bomb

Israeli media sows ‘Armageddon’ panic

Thursday March 26, 2015
Hebrew sites pick up report on an asteroid nearing Earth, but misquote facts to add frightening spin

Israeli start-up lets UK’s Shop Direct ‘deliver’ furniture, virtually

Thursday March 26, 2015
Cimagine’s augmented reality tech sees success with one of Britain’s biggest retailers, as do other Israeli products

Violence and the sacred

Thursday March 26, 2015
Animal sacrifice is a part of the Torah’s plan to redeem humanity from the unending cycle of revenge (Tzav)

Mogul tells Jews to make like the mafia

Thursday March 26, 2015
Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein calls on co-religionists to get ‘back to the mattresses’

A new ceremony for interfaith couples

Thursday March 26, 2015
The Conservative movement has adapted housewarming ritual for those committed to building a Jewish home

Extended daylight savings a major gain to economy

Thursday March 26, 2015
Israel saved NIS 100 million (about $25 million) over past 2 years as result of lower electricty use

Jewish Home says it fears being left out of coalition

Thursday March 26, 2015
In face-off over ministerial posts, Naftali Bennett declares his party will continue to serve Israel from opposition if necessary

Students engineer Passover tale

Thursday March 26, 2015
Technion’s Rube Goldberg machine tells biblical story, complete with plagues and a sweet baby Moses

Joint Arab List sets out on protest march for Bedouin rights

Thursday March 26, 2015
Knesset’s third-largest party calls for recognition of southern villages; will reach president’s office Sunday

Hearing is not believing

Thursday March 26, 2015
Next time a politician makes an impromptu gaffe, ask yourself some long hard questions before you yell gotcha

As ‘Woman in Gold’ premieres, meet the man who battled for the Klimt

Thursday March 26, 2015
The real-life lawyer behind the gripping restitution of the ‘Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I’ says he still gets emotional in the painting’s presence

Making it official

Thursday March 26, 2015
Netanyahu is formally tasked with building a coalition, and the Hebrew press highlights parties’ horse-trading and Netanyahu’s acceptance speech

Prosecutor: Co-pilot seemed to want to crash German jet

Thursday March 26, 2015
Investigator says Andreas Lubitz, who flew doomed airliner that smashed into Alps, killing 150, ‘not known’ to have ties to terrorism

As US lets Yemen fall, Israeli ire pales next to Arab fury

Thursday March 26, 2015
Jerusalem is worried by the Iran-backed Houthi takeover of Aden, but Saudi Arabia is burning with anger, and not at Tehran

Capital’s priciest apartment snagged

Thursday March 26, 2015
Swiss Jew buys luxury property in German Colony for NIS 84,000 per square meter

W. Bank terrorist gets 2 life sentences for car terror attack, stabbing

Thursday March 26, 2015
Maher Hamdi al-Hashalmoun, convicted of murdering Dalia Lemkus, then wounding two others with his car in November

Use up your flour before Passover with homemade pita

Thursday March 26, 2015
As you wipe out your cabinets, sweep up your flour — last year’s symbolic ‘chains to the past’

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