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Friday, July 3, 2015

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Nasrallah: Nuke deal helps Iran back ‘Palestinian resistance’

Monday April 6, 2015
Hezbollah chief says agreement will raise Tehran’s regional standing; defends decision to hit Israel from Lebanon in January

Ex-IAEA deputy: Deal puts Iran on nuke threshold for 10 years, then gets worse

Monday April 6, 2015
Olli Heinonen tells Times of Israel one-year breakout warning may be insufficient; says deceptive Tehran must come clean on whole program

Oved Natan, top bodyguard to Israeli leaders, dies at 72

Monday April 6, 2015
Prominent security official worked (literally) alongside Levi Eshkol, Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin

Armenians under attack in the Old City

Monday April 6, 2015
Unimpeded by police, Jewish extremists have taken to harassing priests and community members in Jerusalem

Security Council demands aid access to Yarmouk camp

Monday April 6, 2015
UN officials mull humanitarian aid to help 18,000 Palestinians in refugee camp surrounded by the Islamic State

Alan Gross’s lawsuit against US government rejected

Monday April 6, 2015
Jewish-American contractor filed litigation against authorities for sending him to Cuba with inadequate support

US energy secretary: Iran nuke deal a ‘forever agreement’

Monday April 6, 2015
Ernest Moniz says Tehran will never be able to acquire nukes; international inspectors to make sure terms are met

Ya’alon: Iran deal ‘a historic mistake,’ but ‘it’s not time’ to discuss military action

Monday April 6, 2015
Defense minister says final agreement can yet be improved, asks why US is reconciled to an Iran with centrifuges

Top Obama adviser dismisses idea that better Iran deal is possible

Monday April 6, 2015
Hours after Israel sets out demands, Ben Rhodes tells Israeli TV the framework meets US ‘core objectives,’ enables ‘anytime, anywhere’ inspections

Israeli man apologizes for ‘disappearing’ in West Bank

Monday April 6, 2015
Niv Asraf, 22, says he chose to ‘run away’ rather than be forced to pay debts to ‘well-known criminals'; police dispute claims

UN: Situation in Yarmouk camp ‘beyond inhumane’

Monday April 6, 2015
Security Council calls emergency session amid clashes between Palestinians, IS; monitor says jihadists control 90% of Syrian camp

Israel sets out key changes for a better deal with Iran

Monday April 6, 2015
Minister lists components of a more effective agreement, including no Iranian R&D on centrifuges, ‘anywhere, anytime’ inspections; poses 10 questions about current ‘irresponsible’ framework

Palestinian camp in Lebanon becomes breeding ground for jihadists

Monday April 6, 2015
Amid increasingly sectarian nature of civil war in neighboring Syria, Islamist groups make inroads at Ain al-Helweh

Islamists kidnap 300 Kurds in Syria, local officials say

Monday April 6, 2015
Kurdish officials accuse al-Nusra Front of abduction of civilians; women in group said freed, men and children remain captive

Families barred from Israeli park ‘for having bread on Passover’

Monday April 6, 2015
TLV couple files discrimination complaint against Afula council, after guard allegedly turns away visitors with ‘forbidden’ foods

PLO to hold talks with Syria on Yarmouk relief

Monday April 6, 2015
Official heads to Damascus in effort to help 18,000 Palestinians in refugee camp surrounded by the Islamic State

Saudi Arabia welcomes Iran framework deal

Monday April 6, 2015
While its media cries betrayal, monarchy officially says it hopes agreement will help rid region of weapons of mass destruction; hails Palestinian ICC bid

Israeli seabirds make record flight to Africa

Monday April 6, 2015
Two tiny Israeli-born little terns fly 4,000 miles to winter hideout in Mozambique

Pennsylvania family raises one child Jewish, one child Catholic

Monday April 6, 2015
An interfaith couple, the Greenbergs sought to maintain the best of both religions; only one of the kids kept the faith

Celebrity dermatologist found dead in Miami mansion

Monday April 6, 2015
Fredric Brandt, 65, treated Madonna and Oribe Canales; was rumored to have been ‘devastated’ by TV character resembling him

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