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Thursday, October 23, 2014

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News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World
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EU calls on Hamas, Islamic Jihad to disarm

Tuesday July 22, 2014
28-country bloc defends Israel’s right to fight, says indiscriminate rocket fire from Gaza is ‘criminal and unjustifiable’

US defends aid to UNWRA despite rocket caches

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Washington critics of $15 million grant cite longtime allegations regarding UN group’s proximity to Hamas

For second time, rockets found at UN school in Gaza

Tuesday July 22, 2014
‘How many more schools will have to be abused by Hamas missile squads before the international community will intervene?’ Foreign Ministry fumes

Dear Palestinian mother

Tuesday July 22, 2014
I do not know your name, or where you live. I do not know what you look like or what your beliefs are. But I promised myself that I would attempt to reach out to you nonetheless.

Say thank you – it’s the Jewish thing to do

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Absent AIPAC’s work, Israeli citizens would have been butchered these past weeks, and Israeli cities would have gone up in flames. Strangely though, that seems to bother Israel’s alleged supporters who have their issues with AIPAC.

When the sirens wail, the Holocaust survivors stay put

Tuesday July 22, 2014
With shelters often inaccessible, many of the battered south’s elderly residents are fearful to stay — but more fearful to leave

US carriers suspend flights to Israel over rocket fears

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Israeli officials trying to convince American counterparts to lift ban put in place after shrapnel damages home near airport

Snippy Twitter exchange exposes tech tension over Gaza

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Israel supporters upset over tweets about Operation Protective Edge by one of Silicon Valley’s leading lights

Jon Stewart hits back at Israel critics

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Host of ‘The Daily Show’ is under fire for portrayal of current conflict between Hamas and Israel

Share and share alike

Tuesday July 22, 2014
A new hospital archiving system promises to cut down on the number of tests patients are required to go through, and save money too

Israel fund to invest $55 million in TV shows for sale abroad

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Reuters: A new venture capital project aims to place local hit television formats on screens worldwide

In Cairo, Kerry urges Hamas to accept truce

Tuesday July 22, 2014
US secretary of state says terror group has ‘a fundamental choice to make,’ backs the Egyptian initiative

Congress seeks better deal for US contractors on Iron Dome system

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Washington Post: If the US is paying for much of the defense system, officials feel, US companies should get a bigger share of the action

‘Stop fighting, start talking,’ Ban tells Israel, Palestinians

Tuesday July 22, 2014
UN chief says rocket fire from Gaza is ‘shocking,’ adds that the negotiations must address ‘the root causes of the conflict’

A Twitter-spurred care package

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Volunteers on the home front mobilize to get food and treats to soldiers, and help the beleaguered south

Australian Jews’ safety at ‘high warning level’

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Israel solidarity gatherings held on Sunday as pro-Palestinian protests also take place across the country

Is international support for Israel’s Gaza campaign waning?

Tuesday July 22, 2014
The world is ‘almost unanimous in its disapproval of Netanyahu’s massive use of force,’ former top US official says. Others believe key leaders see why Israel has to fight

Al-Jazeera shutters Gaza office after coming under fire

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Liberman accuses network of being a mouthpiece for terror groups; BBC Arabic reporter knocked off feet by Israeli man

16-year-old Gaza terrorist treated in Israeli hospital

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Hamas gunman was in group that carried out tunnel attacks on southern Israel Monday in which 4 soldiers were killed; 2nd terrorist also in Israeli hospital

IDF soldier Avitar Moshe Torjamin killed in Gaza

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Circumstances of death unclear; IDF death toll climbs to 28

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