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Thursday, September 3, 2015

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What does Burundi need?

Thursday June 11, 2015
As crisis engulfs the tiny African republic, an Israel-based NGO is helping villagers focus on a better future

Orange CEO in Israel to reconnect after boycott brouhaha

Thursday June 11, 2015
Telecom chief Stephane Richard arrives for two-day visit, will meet PM, aims to make amends after saying his company wanted to pull its brand from the country

Netanyahu seen as ineffectual, paranoid by longtime former ally

Thursday June 11, 2015
In a savage interview, former FM Liberman charges that the prime minister lacks the will to stop Iran, indulges Hamas, appeases extremists, and is obsessed with his own survival

Pharrell due to make Israelis happy

Thursday June 11, 2015
The rapper is reportedly discussing a September gig in Tel Aviv

Women and minorities shake up Turkey’s parliament

Thursday June 11, 2015
Pro-Kurdish party’s success increases the number of women, Armenians, Yazidis and Roma in the chamber

Transgenders take center stage at Tel Aviv gay pride parade

Thursday June 11, 2015
Tens of thousands expected to converge on the city for Friday’s event; activist estimates 1% to 3% of Israelis are trans

Hugs instead of drugs

Thursday June 11, 2015
One paper is up in arms over a warm embrace offered to MK Oren Hazan, while others set their sights on more weighty matters

At Orthodox women’s ordination, preaching a halacha of compassion

Thursday June 11, 2015
Head of new Jerusalem co-ed smicha program says ordaining women rabbis is ‘just the normal thing to do.’ But is Modern Orthodoxy ripe for such a radical step?

Spain passes ‘law of return’ for Sephardi Jews

Thursday June 11, 2015
Candidates will be able to apply for passport without traveling to Spain, but will need to undergo test on language and culture

At least 20 Druze massacred by rebels in Syria

Thursday June 11, 2015
Druze and other minorities have been persistent targets of jihadist fighters during the civil war

Spain expected to approve ‘law of return’ for Jews

Thursday June 11, 2015
Legislation granting citizenship for descendants of Jews expelled 500 years ago faces final parliamentary vote

David Blatt mocked by Jimmy Kimmel

Thursday June 11, 2015
Late-night host airs mashup of Israeli-American basketball coach hesitating at press conferences — to the tune of US anthem

‘Not with the Rabbinate’

Thursday June 11, 2015
The Masorti Movement is offering wedding ceremonies that are meaningful, personal and in keeping with Jewish law

Former port union boss to face corruption charges

Thursday June 11, 2015
Alon Hassan, who led Ashdod’s stevedores, rejects accusations of fraud, bribery

Netanyahu thanks US military chief for America’s friendship

Thursday June 11, 2015
‘You fight for America, but you also fight for freedom,’ PM tells Martin Dempsey

Meretz chair: Scandal-ridden lawmaker like Sheldon Adelson

Thursday June 11, 2015
Zahava Gal-on outlines similarities between Likud’s alleged meth-smoking, pimping Oren Hazan and Netanyahu’s Jewish-American supporter

Liberman: Netanyahu won’t stop Iran from getting the bomb

Thursday June 11, 2015
Long-time colleague/rival says PM suffers from ‘political paranoia,’ is ‘all talk’ on thwarting Tehran’s nuke project, is allowing Hamas to rearm in incomprehensible ‘silent deal’

Landslides kill at least 15 after heavy rain in Nepal

Thursday June 11, 2015
Homes in mountainous Taplejung region swept away by mud; remote location hampering rescue efforts

Ex-porn star seen embracing Judaism

Thursday June 11, 2015
Jenna Jameson has become a kosher cooking enthusiast since she began dating her Israeli fiancé

Experts plot strategy to stymie prison radicalization

Thursday June 11, 2015
After Paris attacks, corrections and counterterror officials meet to consider stopping spread of radical Islam in jails

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