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Saturday, February 28, 2015

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For its ninth Nobel, Bell Labs counts on Israeli tech

Tuesday December 2, 2014
Marcus Weldon, the current president of one of the most celebrated technology centers in the world, has high hopes for his local team

Accusing Lapid and Livni of attempted ‘putsch,’ Netanyahu fires them, calls elections

Tuesday December 2, 2014
PM says ministers tried to woo ultra-Orthodox into alternative coalition, made it impossible for him to govern; Livni calls him a ‘coward’ for firing her by phone

A good GEW in TLV

Tuesday December 2, 2014
Israeli entrepreneurs had plenty to contribute to Global Enterprise Week

Ethiopia adopts Israeli day/night solar power system

Tuesday December 2, 2014
Powered primarily by the sun, AORA’s Tulip energy system works 24/7 – even at night and when it’s cloudy

Shekel extends decline as Israel heads for early elections

Tuesday December 2, 2014
Businessweek: If anyone feared – or hoped – that the shekel would begin to reverse its recent decline, they can relax

Eight Knesset members forgo 2015 pay raise

Tuesday December 2, 2014
Lawmakers call 2% salary increase ‘distasteful’ in light of wage stagnation in the Israeli job market

The two year itch

Tuesday December 2, 2014
Eighteen whole months of government? Must be time for elections

Ashton Carter tops Obama’s shortlist for defense secretary

Tuesday December 2, 2014
US president likely to nominate former Pentagon official as successor to Chuck Hagel

No, we don’t support a boycott of Israel

Tuesday December 2, 2014
The Dutch Jewish group, A Different Voice, opposes Israel’s settlement policies, not its existence

Bennett, Netanyahu said to forge new alliance

Tuesday December 2, 2014
Jewish Home leader says he regrets last year’s decision to join forces with Yesh Atid party leader Yair Lapid

Netanyahu fires Lapid, Livni from ministerial posts

Tuesday December 2, 2014
PM says he won’t tolerate presence of cabinet members who ‘attack government policies'; Yesh Atid party: Sacking minister ‘is an act of cowardice and loss of control’

French parliament votes to recognize Palestinian state

Tuesday December 2, 2014
Israel laments symbolic vote, which sees lawmakers urge government to recognize Palestine, with 339 in favor and 151 against

Bill aims to limit prime minister to two terms

Tuesday December 2, 2014
MK Merav Michaeli says leaving the same leader in office for too long causes stagnation and self-interest

Syria war death toll said to top 200,000

Tuesday December 2, 2014
UK-based group cites failure of international human rights law for high casualties, including 63,074 civilian deaths

Vote against alternative Jewish weddings roils Diaspora

Tuesday December 2, 2014
A two-year sentence for those performing or participating in illegal ceremonies is upheld in a committee vote

US official confirms Iran is bombing Islamic State

Tuesday December 2, 2014
Video appears to show Iranian air force F-4 Phantom jet pounding jihadi forces in Iraq

Obama faces shrinking pool of Pentagon contenders

Tuesday December 2, 2014
Following resignation of Chuck Hagel, the secretary of defense post has a dearth of willing candidates

A plague on all their houses

Tuesday December 2, 2014
Op-ed: Israeli voters might be forgiven for thinking their leaders are more interested in power for power’s sake than in the effective governance of the nation in a region fraught with dangers. Israeli voters would be correct

Opposition leader calls for center-left bloc to defeat PM

Tuesday December 2, 2014
Isaac Herzog says he can lead country, blames Netanyahu for coalition’s failures

Yair Lapid ‘failed miserably’ with the economy, Likud charges

Tuesday December 2, 2014
En route to elections, rhetoric heats up between sparring coalition partners; Deri claims he was asked to form alternative government Monday night; Liberman says new elections now ‘a done deal’

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