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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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Israeli Arab sportscaster to get into game from inside Knesset

Thursday December 4, 2014
Zouheir Bahloul says Jewish-Arab friction since this summer’s war forcing him into politics, and he’s not opposed to joining a left-wing Zionist party

Foer, Wieseltier leave The New Republic

Thursday December 4, 2014
Editors cite disagreement with new management of magazine, which has deep ties to Jewish community

US troops have immunity in Iraq, says American envoy

Thursday December 4, 2014
Issue was a major sticking point with previous administration in Baghdad, leading to withdrawal of forces

Rome’s Jewish Museum shows ghetto in 1880s

Thursday December 4, 2014
Interactive exhibit allows visitors to ‘stroll’ through streets as they were before neighborhood’s destruction

Potential GOP presidential candidate stands by US-Nazi remarks

Thursday December 4, 2014
Neurosurgeon and author Dr. Ben Carson said America uses ‘its tools to intimidate the population’

Israel’s election a referendum on Netanyahu

Thursday December 4, 2014
Prime minister is a favorite to win another term, but rivals and persistent problems might push voters to opt for a change

Once again, minister depicted online as Nazi

Thursday December 4, 2014
Days after police launch probe into pictures of politicians in SS uniforms, Yitzhak Aharonovitch portrayed as a ‘Judenrat-Kapo’

Hassidic musician plays the whiskey black-hat blues

Thursday December 4, 2014
Blues guitarist Lazer Lloyd finds spiritual salvation in the flat five

Poll finds Israelis appreciate US support, wary of Obama’s policies

Thursday December 4, 2014
While almost three-quarters of respondents say America is a loyal ally, only 37% believe president’s attitude toward Jewish state is positive

Rivlin backtracks on Armenian Genocide recognition

Thursday December 4, 2014
Once an outspoken advocate for Israel’s recognition of the massacres, president quietly distances himself from the campaign

Palestinian arrested after hiding abandoned gun

Thursday December 4, 2014
Suspect found weapon left behind by security guard in public bathroom, concealed it in garbage can

UAE arrests woman in US teacher death, foiled bombing

Thursday December 4, 2014
Suspect, 38, fatally stabbed victim in mall bathroom; attempted to plant explosives in front of American doctor’s home

Veteran Labor MK hospitalized

Thursday December 4, 2014
Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, 78, a former defense minister, described in good condition

US military tried to rescue American hostage in Yemen

Thursday December 4, 2014
White House and Pentagon confirm failed operation to save Luke Somers, who ‘was not present'; other hostages saved

Ex-minister Sa’ar reportedly mulling bid to lead Likud

Thursday December 4, 2014
After taking break from politics in October, former interior minister said to be considering challenging Netanyahu

Yair Lapid gets the remix treatment

Thursday December 4, 2014
YouTube remixer extraordinaire Noy Alooshe parodies speech by ex-finance minister

The Parable of the Tribes

Thursday December 4, 2014
The biblical story of Dina tells us that there are situations where it’s impossible to do the right thing

Christian Zionists funding Israel immigration still scares Jews

Thursday December 4, 2014
As Jewish institutions fight over American evangelicals’ deep pockets, an in-depth look at a controversial yet fruitful relationship

Teen girl arrested after approaching checkpoint with blade

Thursday December 4, 2014
Border police at Qalandiya crossing near Jerusalem fire shot in air, wrestle Palestinian youth to ground

U2’s Bono is not a Hasid impersonator

Thursday December 4, 2014
Wisecrack by guitarist The Edge on his bandmate’s biking garb swiftly taken for fact, but confirmed as just a joke

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