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Sunday, December 28, 2014

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News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World
Updated: 19 min 4 sec ago

Spain, Morocco arrest 9 in terror cell

Friday September 26, 2014
Group with al-Qaeda ties attempting to recruit members to Islamic State in North African enclave gets shut down

Israel says Abbas’s UN ‘genocide’ speech ‘full of lies’

Friday September 26, 2014
Liberman: Palestinian president’s address to General Assembly shows he doesn’t want be a partner, and can’t be

Britain joins coalition to fight Islamic State

Friday September 26, 2014
House of Commons votes overwhelmingly in favor of action against radicals in Iraq, but hasn’t yet approved strikes in Syria

France detains man returning from Mideast ‘combat zones’

Friday September 26, 2014
French teen nabbed in Nice after entering Iraq or Syria via Turkey; authorities don’t say if he’s a suspected jihadist

Full text of Mahmoud Abbas’s speech to the UN

Friday September 26, 2014
Israel has made this ‘a year of a new war of genocide perpetrated against the Palestinian people,’ PA president tells UN GA

Why the military campaign against ISIS will fail

Friday September 26, 2014
Boots on the ground are useless if the Arab world doesn’t reform itself and embrace globalization

Abbas slams Israeli ‘genocide,’ makes new UN statehood bid

Friday September 26, 2014
Palestinian leader tells UN he’s is prepping draft Security Council resolution to ensure Palestinian statehood, ‘international protection’

Erdogan signals more active Turkish role in anti-IS fight

Friday September 26, 2014
Turkish president says Ankara must not be a ‘bystander’ as West combats Islamic radicals; doesn’t specify nature of involvement

Air raids disrupt jihadist oil operations in Syria

Friday September 26, 2014
Britain weighs possible involvement in campaign against Islamic State as Denmark pledges seven fighter jets

Iran nuclear talks yield no progress, French FM says

Friday September 26, 2014
Fabius says Friday meeting canceled for lack of advancement; Israel objects to US proposal to ease some sanctions on Tehran

Venice to shut area for Clooney wedding

Friday September 26, 2014
Walkway near Cavalli Palace in northern Italian city to be closed during ceremony

Major Taliban offensive kills up to 100 Afghans

Friday September 26, 2014
Twelve people said to have been beheaded as militants carry out series of attacks amid political instability

For Alex Tyus, Israel more than just playing ball

Friday September 26, 2014
Maccabi Tel Aviv big man and convert to Judaism discusses connection to Israel and playing on Yom Kippur

Cameron: It is our duty to fight Islamic State

Friday September 26, 2014
UK lawmakers debate airstrikes on militants ahead of likely approval, as Denmark says it too will join the fight in the Middle East

Kim Jong Un’s disappearance sparks health rumors

Friday September 26, 2014
Speculation on malady ranges from gout to diabetes, as North Korean media says leader feeling ‘discomfort’

Female Arab pilot sticks it to Jihadists

Friday September 26, 2014
Mariam al-Mansouri, the UAE’s first female pilot, is leading strike missions against Islamic State targets

Drawing the line at chopped liver

Friday September 26, 2014
Non-Jews try out some traditional Jewish holiday foods for first time

Coalition strikes IS oil sites in Syria for 2nd day

Friday September 26, 2014
Fighter jets continue to target oil production sites in order to hit terror group’s revenues

Rescued Syria refugees disembark from cruise liner in Cyprus

Friday September 26, 2014
Authorities say migrants finally agreed to leave ship after police entered the vessel and spoke with them

US considers new, softened nuclear offer to Iran

Friday September 26, 2014
Israel fumes at compromise which would allow Tehran to keep half of its centrifuges in exchange for various checks and balances

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