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Sunday, April 26, 2015

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Palestinian terror chief meets with Khamenei in Tehran

Monday January 26, 2015
Iranian Supreme Leader tells Assad ally Ahmad Jibril that Iran will always support Palestinians

Deputy police chief suspected of sexual assault

Monday January 26, 2015
Nissim Mor is the fifth senior police official accused of corruption or sexual misconduct in 18 months

Netanyahu’s White House-defying speech could backfire

Monday January 26, 2015
A polished address alone won’t lead lawmakers to back Iran sanctions bill. Pushed to a loyalty contest, even Republicans will side with Obama

WhatsApp: A surprising platform in Israel’s election campaign

Monday January 26, 2015
Former Finance Minister was forced to ‘face the music’ via social media last week

Social media next challenge for museum app maker

Monday January 26, 2015
Acoustiguide, one of the world’s biggest providers of guided tours for tourist sites, wants to help its clients enter the Internet era

Israel prefers no deal over bad Iran deal, FM tells Russia

Monday January 26, 2015
Avigdor Liberman meets with counterpart in Moscow to discuss Syria, Tehran’s nuclear program

New sanctions will improve chance of Iran deal, Israel says

Monday January 26, 2015
Senior diplomatic official argues that only a ‘crisis in the talks’ will force Tehran to compromise on nuclear program

Short on tech firms, Modiin gets a push from entrepreneurs

Monday January 26, 2015
Each morning, thousands of workers commute to jobs far out of town, but one local activist is trying to change that

‘Presumed competency’ gives the disabled a chance

Monday January 26, 2015
Disabilities advocate Ari Ne’eman, recipient of the Morton E. Ruderman Award in Inclusion, on why society needs to be cured, not autism

Netanyahu: ‘Leave my family alone’

Monday January 26, 2015
PM responds after former staff at Prime Minister’s Residence allege Sara Netanyahu verbally abused them

6 Jerusalem residents arrested for beating Druze IDF vet

Monday January 26, 2015
Tommy Hasson, 21, says he was attacked by a mob wielding sharp objects for speaking Arabic

Egypt court jails doctor for fatal female circumcision

Monday January 26, 2015
Despite 2008 ban, procedure still widespread in country, especially in rural areas

Gaza to end official 5-year boycott of Israeli goods

Monday January 26, 2015
Limited local production and destroyed smuggling tunnels put pressure on Gaza to accept ‘Zionist products’

Meretz chief questions legality of Netanyahu’s US trip

Monday January 26, 2015
Zahava Gal-on calls on comptroller to investigate PM’s use of Israeli Embassy for personal ‘political interests’

Greek Syriza party forms government after election win

Monday January 26, 2015
Voters swing left after five years of harsh austerity measures under right-wing government

Toward a politics of compassion

Monday January 26, 2015
The Holocaust has inspired Jews to heal the suffering of strangers, but what about Palestinian suffering?

Israel said to warn Hezbollah against attacks abroad

Monday January 26, 2015
Jerusalem sent message to Beirut that it would respond harshly to to a retaliatory assault, Arabic media reports

Alleged senior cop sex offender is Israel Police’s No. 2

Monday January 26, 2015
Nissim Mor, deputy to Chief Danino, is named as the officer who allegedly assaulted a female subordinate; Liberman tells Lavrov Palestinian’s Hague move dangerous for Russia, too

How BDS failed at the AHA

Monday January 26, 2015
The American Historical Association upheld scholarly integrity and opted not to serve as useful idiots

Boehner: We gave White House heads up on Netanyahu

Monday January 26, 2015
Defending the invitation that angered Obama, House speaker says prime minister is top authority on Iranian threat

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