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Friday, October 9, 2015

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Despite tough talk, Israel must adapt to Iran deal

Tuesday July 14, 2015
Former Israeli national security adviser says military strike must remain poised to deter Tehran from developing bomb

With Iran deal in the bag, what’s Israel to do now?

Tuesday July 14, 2015
After the blame game, Jerusalem needs to decide whether to lobby Congress to kill the agreement, or make what might be more realistic demands

Yoohoo Knesset, anybody home?

Tuesday July 14, 2015
Op-ed: While Netanyahu charted Israel’s strategy on the Iran deal, those elected to provide oversight were out to lunch

Obama vows to veto efforts to foil Iran agreement

Tuesday July 14, 2015
As watershed deal between Tehran and world powers is clinched, US and Iranian presidents praise pact as victory for diplomacy

Syria’s Assad congratulates key ally Iran on nuclear deal

Tuesday July 14, 2015
Embattled president calls accord a ‘great victory’ and a ‘major turning point’ in the history of the world

Sanctions go, but Iran must wait for economic recovery

Tuesday July 14, 2015
Energy-related embargo not to be lifted until 2016, when experts say Tehran could produce an extra million barrels per day

Rouhani derides failure of ‘warmongering Zionist regime’

Tuesday July 14, 2015
Hailing nuclear agreement, Iran’s president slams anti-Iran ‘propaganda’ from ‘usurper’ Israel

Obama urges Iran to end calls to eradicate Israel

Tuesday July 14, 2015
Saying he shares Israel’s concerns over Iranian terrorism, president declares ‘an Iran armed with a nuclear weapon would be far more destabilizing and far more dangerous to our friends’

Pluto fly-by could yield ‘big surprises,’ says top Israeli space official

Tuesday July 14, 2015
Major news of the solar system’s former 9th planet anticipated at international space confab in Jerusalem in October

Full text of Iran nuke deal shows enrichment curbs, easing of sanctions

Tuesday July 14, 2015
Document states Tehran can continue enriching uranium at 3.67% for 15 years, can keep 6,104 centrifuges running, 1,044 of them at secretive Fordo site

Thanks, Netanyahu

Tuesday July 14, 2015
As the Iran deal is finalized, some politicians fault the prime minister, rather than world powers, for the ‘dangerous’ accord

Years after Nobel, Obama finally gets his big win, but will it stick?

Tuesday July 14, 2015
Supporters of agreement compare it to thaw with China or end of Cold War; others believe region’s politics will render long-term effects muted at best

When the tiger bites – What Israeli start-ups dare not ignore

Tuesday July 14, 2015
Israeli entrepreneurs have a reputation of not being afraid to fail – but there’s a price to pay

After tough talks, Zarif hails deal as ‘new chapter of hope’

Tuesday July 14, 2015
Iran foreign minister optimistic that ‘historic’ achievement a ‘win win’ for everyone, albeit not perfect

Major concessions allow Iran to keep all nuke sites, reports claim

Tuesday July 14, 2015
As details of deal emerge, Iranian news station claims Tehran will be able to keep heavy water reactor running, sell enriched uranium

Netanyahu calls Iran deal ‘historic mistake for world’

Tuesday July 14, 2015
Lawmakers across the spectrum bemoan pact while opposition leaders also pan PM’s ‘ineffective’ handling of the matter

Meretz chief removed from Knesset for calling lawmaker ‘messed up’

Tuesday July 14, 2015
Zehava Gal-on protests death penalty bill by Sharon Gal, says insult a compliment compared to what she really thinks of him

Likud denies Netanyahu said West Bank construction frozen

Tuesday July 14, 2015
Ruling party denies settlers’ claims that diplomatic pressure halted Jewish expansion beyond Green Line

221 North Americans arrive in Israel

Tuesday July 14, 2015
New olim on Nefesh B’Nefesh flight greeted at airport Tuesday morning by ministers, MKs

Iran and world powers said to clinch landmark nuclear agreement

Tuesday July 14, 2015
Diplomats from Iran and West say long-sought pact finally reached, official announcement expected in coming hours following ‘final meeting’

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