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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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Beware the Holocaust-themed selfie

Wednesday February 18, 2015
Taking photos at concentration camps and funerals walks thin line between self-documentation and self-centeredness

Organizer of anti-Semitic rally in London arrested for abusive tweets

Tuesday February 17, 2015
Joshua Bonehill-Paine, self-described ‘nationalist, fascist,’ apprehended for alleged anti-Jewish messages sent to MP Luciana Berger

Swedish radio apologizes for Jews’ responsibility question

Tuesday February 17, 2015
Public radio presenter asked Israeli ambassador whether Jews are responsible for advancing anti-Semitism

Despite tensions, US-Israel defense relations stay solid

Tuesday February 17, 2015
American officials maintain that despite ‘soap opera’ surrounding Netanyahu visit, Jerusalem-Washington ties still close

Iran says accelerating nuclear progress

Tuesday February 17, 2015
As nuclear deadline nears, Rouhani says Tehran won’t take orders from anybody about technological advancement

UMass bans Iranian nationals from science classes, stirs backlash

Tuesday February 17, 2015
NBC News: Amherst campus decision stems from 2012 law excluding Iranians from studying nuclear sciences due to political standoff

Argentina asks Kerry to include 1994 attack in nuke talks

Tuesday February 17, 2015
Foreign minister Timerman also writes to Liberman over 1994 AMIA bombing, traced by dead prosecutor Nisman to Iran

Israel braces for major winter storm

Tuesday February 17, 2015
Residents warned to prepare for disruptions as snow expected to fall in higher elevations across the country

Israel to ease business restrictions on Gaza Strip

Tuesday February 17, 2015
IDF to increase number of permits for merchants to enter West Bank, Israel, allowing growth in exports

Taking fight to jihadis, Egypt embarks on campaign ‘more crucial than ’73’

Tuesday February 17, 2015
While combating Sinai Islamists, Cairo seeks to organize coalition against IS in Libya; senior official compares battle to Yom Kippur War

Islamic State said to burn 45 people alive in Iraq

Tuesday February 17, 2015
Some victims were members of security forces, according to local police chief

Jewish gravestones desecrated in New Zealand

Tuesday February 17, 2015
Police constable says he would ‘prefer to think’ it was ‘just a childish act’ and not a hate crime

Four detained in Sweden for funding IS: report

Tuesday February 17, 2015
Suspects allegedly laundered money to support Islamic State; Swedish government says $1m sent to extremist groups yearly

Ex-envoy: US should offer Israel ‘nuclear guarantee’ to cool Iran fears

Tuesday February 17, 2015
Martin Indyk also slams PM for plans to speak to Congress: US won’t suddenly say ‘Oh, we’re negotiating a bad deal, silly us’

Report: Hamas leader met with top Iran commander

Tuesday February 17, 2015
In sign of flowering ties, Khaled Mashaal reported to have covert meeting with Quds force chief Qassem Soleimani

Italian town makes Himmler its poster boy in tourism brochure

Tuesday February 17, 2015
Mayor says no offense intended after pamphlet distributed at Milan tourist expo features portrait of Nazi commandant, linked to legend of Roman treasure

Israeli calls to Europe’s Jews seen as part of long tradition

Tuesday February 17, 2015
Community has mixed reactions to immigration drive following attacks, but Jerusalem, seeing itself as refuge, unapologetic

France tracking 400 terror sleeper cell suspects, minister says

Tuesday February 17, 2015
Bernard Cazeneuve seeking new measures to give intelligence services more leeway to monitor would-be jihadists

Contemptous, excessive spending by Netanyahu? Ho-hum

Tuesday February 17, 2015
Many Israelis don’t like the PM or his self-indulgent lifestyle. But Tuesday’s State Comptroller report is unlikely to drastically impact his reelection chances

Cyber attacks on Israel traced to Gaza

Tuesday February 17, 2015
‘Smash and grab’ campaign targeted sensitive data from Israeli government, transport, military and academic organizations

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