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Friday, January 30, 2015

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Jerusalem violence isn’t new intifada, says senior cop

Saturday October 25, 2014
Maj-General Aharon Eksol says 2,000 policemen will be in capital at all times, promises to restore quiet

Denver girls’ recruitment underlines jihadist online successes

Saturday October 25, 2014
Lured by a predator, three students are suspected of flying to Germany on their way to Syria to join the Islamic State

Israeli ecosystems appear too tough for climate change

Saturday October 25, 2014
Plants in parts of Israel withstood a nine-year simulation of climate change, according to a new study

Tunisians skeptical on eve of historic election

Saturday October 25, 2014
Country votes Sunday for first five-year parliament since toppling dictator, but residents not sure democracy is best path

Canada reopens grounds of Parliament Hill

Saturday October 25, 2014
Country seeks to return to routine after two separate domestic attacks leave soldiers dead

The horror before the beheadings

Saturday October 25, 2014
James Foley was singled out as Islamic State prisoners suffered waterboardings and mock executions, NY Times reports

New museum brings Poland’s Jewish past to life

Saturday October 25, 2014
Exhibits at Warsaw’s POLIN, built on site of city’s former ghetto, will focus on vibrant communities before the Holocaust

Ya’alon launches scathing assault on US policy in the Middle East

Saturday October 25, 2014
In Washington Post interview, ‘without naming names,’ defense minister batters the administration over Palestinian conflict, Iran talks and overall regional approach

Revering rabbis in the age of scandal

Saturday October 25, 2014
On the importance of being able to put our spiritual leaders up on a pedestal

Violent clashes in E. Jerusalem; terrorist’s funeral postponed

Saturday October 25, 2014
Masked protesters hurl stones, firebombs at police forces who respond with riot dispersal means; Hamas urges escalation of violence

Macy’s is right to dump SodaStream

Saturday October 25, 2014
Because sometimes the simplest explanation isn’t anti-Semitism

Tel Aviv schools cancel Jerusalem trip for fear of riots

Saturday October 25, 2014
Municipality cites security concerns in decision to postpone bar mitzvah event in capital’s Old City

Riots break out across East Jerusalem

Saturday October 25, 2014
1 person injured as Palestinians hurl stones, firebombs at police ahead of terrorist’s funeral; Hamas urges escalation of violence

‘IDF working to uncover attack tunnels in north’

Saturday October 25, 2014
Retired Major-General Gershon HaCohen says Israeli security officials must take Hezbollah threats very seriously

Egypt to set up buffer zone with Gaza Strip

Saturday October 25, 2014
Egyptian report claims perpetrators of Friday attack on army post in Sinai that killed 30 troops arrived via Gaza tunnel

3 Turkish soldiers shot dead in ‘terrorist’ attack

Saturday October 25, 2014
Military blames ‘separatists,’ a reference to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), for attack in Kurdish-majority region

Hamas official: Gaza will ‘erupt’ if rehabilitation not sped up

Saturday October 25, 2014
Mahmoud al-Zahar says Israel deliberately delaying reconstruction, calls on E. Jerusalem residents to continue ‘resisting’

Number of Islamic extremists growing in Germany

Saturday October 25, 2014
Domestic intelligence chiefs estimates that some 6,300 nationals are now adherents of Salafism

Daylight savings time ends overnight

Saturday October 25, 2014
Israel falls back one hour at 2 a.m.; mobile phone customers prepare for clock glitches

Quitting smoking may make you stronger, Israeli study says

Saturday October 25, 2014
Scientists find that smokers gain muscle, not just fat, after kicking the cigarette habit

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