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Monday, October 20, 2014

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Israeli city in rocket range from both directions

Wednesday July 9, 2014
After Palestinian terrorists demonstrate they fire at targets over 100 km away, nowhere in the country is safe

Gaza, Israel, it’s easy as ABC

Wednesday July 9, 2014
American news anchor slips up over location of bomb-damaged buildings during live broadcast

Rockets downed over Tel Aviv; Dimona targeted for second day

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Shrapnel falls in south Tel Aviv, damaging cars and gas station; Fatah-linked group claims rocket launching; Palestinian death toll rises while rocket fire from Gaza increases in range; Liberman sends letter to counterparts

In two days, Israeli bombing in Gaza exceeds all 2012 assault

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Air force has dropped over 400 tons of explosives in air assaults against Hamas and other terror targets

Name ‘Protective Edge’ doesn’t cut it

Wednesday July 9, 2014
English speakers in Israel say that in the war of global public opinion, military operation’s English name leads to jokes and confusion

Fear itself

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Israel must be allowed to respond swiftly and fully to entirely unjustified attacks on its civilian population

Cop who beat US-Palestinian teen could face charges

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Police internal affairs unit summons officer for hearing, takes him off duty, but insists Tariq Abu Khdeir’s arrest was justified

Obama’s appalling evenhandedness

Wednesday July 9, 2014
When 4 of your kids are running to the bomb shelters, a call for restraint on both sides rings hollow

Florida lawyers fired for Palestinian Facebook abuse

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Pair of assistant public defenders allegedly posted comments comparing Palestinians to pigs and cockroaches

Gaza ground op would have to be swift, with realistic goals

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Their rhetoric notwithstanding, Netanyahu and Ya’alon are wary of any sort of prolonged deployment in the sands of the Strip

Not a time for self-congratulation

Wednesday July 9, 2014
We should focus on the values that make the Jewish people strong, not giving lectures on our moral superiority

US summer camps ‘safe place’ to grapple with Israel’s unrest

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Teens’ murders and fallout discussed in careful age-appropriate manner at North American Jewish camps

PM said to eye coalition with ultra-Orthodox, Labor

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Sources say Netanyahu has approached major opposition parties to secure support for large-scale Gaza op

Egyptian soldier killed in Sinai bombing

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Four others injured in roadside attack on armored vehicle

Ex-envoy to US warns: There’s no Iron Dome against Abbas’s moves

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Michael Oren says PA president’s plans are ‘strategic threat’ to Israel, while Hamas rockets are only a tactical challenge

PA eyes The Hague as Abbas accuses Israel of ‘genocide’

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Palestinian leader invokes Auschwitz during emergency meeting; PLO calls for world’s protection

West in push to stop flow of jihadists

Wednesday July 9, 2014
EU ministers meet in Milan to put together a plan of action aimed at identifying Europeans who fought in Syria

Mayhem as MK cites Nazi collaborator

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Ruth Calderon of Yesh Atid widely mocked for quoting head of Vichy France in Facebook appeal for ‘maturity, restraint’

US probe: Terrorists never intended to keep seized teens alive

Wednesday July 9, 2014
FBI investigation, initiated because Naftali Fraenkel held US citizenship, says slain Israeli teenagers were shot 10 times

Netanyahu, Ya’alon and Rahab the harlot

Wednesday July 9, 2014
What’s the source of the phrase ‘their blood is upon their heads,’ used by the prime minister and defense minister?

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