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Saturday, December 27, 2014

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News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World
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Israeli minister advocates ‘no deal’ with Iran

Wednesday September 17, 2014
No difference between ‘moderate’ Rouhani and hardliner Ahmadinejad in nuclear negotiations, says Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz

Report: Syria airstrikes kill dozens in rebel town

Wednesday September 17, 2014
Army hits hard at Talbisseh, which has been under siege since it was seized two years ago by anti-regime forces

IS video warns US over Iraq campaign

Wednesday September 17, 2014
Slickly produced ‘Flames of War’ trailer features footage of burning tanks and wounded American troops

Ex-Shin Bet head backs Bennett for obtaining info on tunnels

Wednesday September 17, 2014
Yuval Diskin says that if economy minister took it upon himself to go out to the field and get informed, he did the right thing

Emoji for the Jews

Wednesday September 17, 2014
Food organization Latet creates a new holiday app for fundraising

Lady Gaga, we f*cking love you too

Wednesday September 17, 2014
A pop singer displayed more clear-headed morality than any international statesman could manage this terrible summer

ISIS is not Muslim

Wednesday September 17, 2014
says a religion of 1.6 billion people cannot be judged based on the actions of a relatively small number

PLO typo promotes ‘violent’ protest

Wednesday September 17, 2014
Official blames auto-correct for erroneous topic listed for upcoming Mahmoud Abbas speech in NYC

Start-up Tel Aviv goes fashion forward

Wednesday September 17, 2014
For the first time in Israel, techies and fashionistas team up to show off tomorrow’s threads

France detains members of jihad recruitment ring

Wednesday September 17, 2014
Six arrested in Lyon, including two minors; some 930 citizens have traveled to and from Iraq or Syria in recent months

NYC police look into swastika fliers in Brooklyn

Wednesday September 17, 2014
Jewish group spies neo-Nazi leaflets in Jewish area of Williamsburg, alerts authorities

Ex envoy in Jerusalem urges UK to recognize Palestinian state

Wednesday September 17, 2014
Vincent Fean, who left his post as Britain’s consul earlier this year, says move would facilitate two-state solution

Back to the battlefield

Wednesday September 17, 2014
Ya’alon, Bennett spar over illicit knowledge of military affairs during the Gaza op, while an unidentified projectile hits the south

Mortar explodes next to news crew in Golan

Wednesday September 17, 2014
No injuries; IDF says it was errant fire from Syrian fighting, but Israel Radio reporter at scene contends it was intentional

Iran’s Zarif, EU’s Ashton to meet ahead of nuclear talks

Wednesday September 17, 2014
Iranian-Western formal negotiations slated to resume Friday in New York on sidelines of UN General Assembly

Exposed: The international scandal of Israel’s Dead Sea product hawkers

Wednesday September 17, 2014
A New Zealand mall made headlines when it booted out an Israeli cosmetics kiosk for aggressive tactics earlier this summer, but the US has been investigating fraud and illegal employment for years

More Gazans said risking sea passage for better life in Europe

Wednesday September 17, 2014
Hundreds of Palestinians drowned in Mediterranean in recent days amid a surge in migrants following summer conflict

A ringing endorsement of our strategy

Wednesday September 17, 2014
The Times of Israel missed the news that the Jewish Agency now puts more resources into aliyah than ever before

Focus on the Bible’s 7 ‘super’ foods

Wednesday September 17, 2014
Kosher chefs Jamie Geller and Tom Franz team up at the City of David

A coalition of the unwilling

Wednesday September 17, 2014
Israel will once again be America’s only true ally in the region

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