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Friday, December 19, 2014

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Attacks on Morocco-born French minister fan racism debate

Monday September 8, 2014
Minority ministers and experts lament bigotry, but maintain that France is no more racist than other countries

Over 12,000 foreign fighters said to be in Syria

Monday September 8, 2014
UN expert says conflict may become ‘most significant mobilization of foreign fighters’ in living memory, lead to terrorism

New memorial to honor Poles who saved Jews

Monday September 8, 2014
Design of Holocaust monument will be decided in international design competition, construction to end by next autumn

Ya’alon: Turkey is openly supporting terrorism

Monday September 8, 2014
Defense minister lashes out at former ally for hosting senior Hamas leader, says world is ill prepared for terror threat

Skepticism greets East Jerusalem Arab housing plan

Monday September 8, 2014
While some welcome mayor’s effort to support Arab needs, critics say initiative is only a fig leaf for a much wider problem

Chloe Valdary: Christian, black, rising star of pro-Israel campus activism

Monday September 8, 2014
21-year-old’s support for Israel not only cuts against arguments of Students for Justice in Palestine, but also against much black civil rights rhetoric

Kerry heads to build coalition against Islamic State

Monday September 8, 2014
Over 40 nations said to join international effort to defeat Islamic extremists in Syria and Iraq

After 14 years, Israeli woman wins religious divorce

Monday September 8, 2014
Chief rabbi intervenes in case after husband, who had a homosexual relationship, refused wife a ‘get’ even after he was jailed

Obama urges Turkey to combat anti-Semitism

Monday September 8, 2014
American president meets with Erdogan to discuss radicalism, the importance of ‘tolerant and inclusive societies’

Ya’alon: World unprepared to deal with terror

Monday September 8, 2014
Defense minister expresses hope that Islamic State threat will spur the international community to unite to fight against extremists

Court blocks NGO control over Old City southern complex

Monday September 8, 2014
Legal ruling says the government cannot transfer area to Elad, as site includes non-denominational prayer platform

Diverse Jewish voices converge to back US anti-Semitism bill

Monday September 8, 2014
Resolution condemning acts of hatred towards Jews garners support from AIPAC, J Street and others

Indian agencies warn of possible attacks on Israelis

Monday September 8, 2014
Authorities in subcontinent say al-Qaeda affiliated operatives may be planning to carry out terror acts during High Holidays

Abbas aide denies Egypt offered Sinai tract to settle Palestinians

Monday September 8, 2014
Despite Abbas speech confirming proposal, Tayeb Abdel Rahim says claim Cairo offered to solve refugee plight in peninsula is ‘baseless’

Yale chaplain quits after blaming Israel for anti-Semitism

Monday September 8, 2014
Rev. Bruce Shipman penned letter arguing spike in anti-Jewish hate ‘parallels the carnage in Gaza,’ later apologized

Arab League backs Palestinian UN bid for state

Monday September 8, 2014
Foreign ministers said to be discussing draft resolution to pressure Israel to withdraw to pre-1967 lines

PA official calls soccer match with Israel ‘crime against humanity’

Monday September 8, 2014
Youth event hosted by the Peres Center for Peace to promote coexistence slammed by PA officials for normalizing ties

Study calls for cancer gene screenings for all Ashkenazi women

Monday September 8, 2014
Israeli report insists that women of European extraction should be tested for BRCA mutation linked to breast cancer

Anti-Semitism feared after Ripper revealed

Monday September 8, 2014
After report reveals that serial kille Jack the Ripper was a Jewish immigrant, family concerned about blowback

Israel giving US satellite images of Islamic State — report

Monday September 8, 2014
Jerusalem hands over intel on jihadists, Western fighters, diplomat tells Reuters; material passed on to Arab countries with Hebrew markings ‘scrubbed out’

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