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Friday, December 26, 2014

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Updated: 29 min 57 sec ago

Islamic State called richest terror group of all time

Sunday September 14, 2014
Group earns $3 million each day from ‘mafia-like’ activities like oil smuggling, human trafficking and extortion, experts say

15 Gazans drown off the coast of Egypt

Sunday September 14, 2014
Egyptian military officials say they were aboard a boat attempting to smuggle migrants from Egypt to Italy

PM offers condolences for David Haines’s murder

Sunday September 14, 2014
Islamic State, Hamas, Hezbollah and other Iran-backed groups are all ‘branches of the same poisonous tree,’ Netanyahu says

Livni orders probe into sex allegations against judge

Sunday September 14, 2014
Three women who leveled charges against Nazareth District Court jurist expected to be questioned later this week

Portuguese state airline honors WWII diplomat

Sunday September 14, 2014
Aristides de Sousa Mendes, as consul in Bordeaux, saved some 30,000 Jews but was later punished by his government

Belarussian Jews celebrate JDC ex-leader’s 100th birthday

Sunday September 14, 2014
Ralph Goldman honored as part of Limmud FSU’s opening ceremony

To serve and protest

Sunday September 14, 2014
Unit 8200 mutineers get a shellacking in the press, though some say critics shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss their protest

IDF condemns objectors, promises ‘sharp’ punishment

Sunday September 14, 2014
Knesset speaker says intelligence veterans refusing to work on Palestinian-related matters are aiding ‘Israel haters’; MK Yachimovich calls them ‘cowards’

Apples from Israel, another of the Syrian civil war’s victims

Sunday September 14, 2014
As recently as 2013, Druze farmers on the Golan were able to export across the border. Not this year, though

Malaysia favors Palestinians but buys from Israel

Sunday September 14, 2014
Lack of diplomatic relations and hostility to Israel don’t stop several Islamic nations from (quiet) trade

Canadian Islamist preacher deported from Philippines

Sunday September 14, 2014
Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips is already banned from United States, Britain, Australia and Kenya

Abbas, Hollande to meet in Paris Friday

Sunday September 14, 2014
Palestinian leader to meet French president en route to present new diplomatic initiative at United Nations in New York

Kuwaiti foreign minister makes landmark Ramallah visit

Sunday September 14, 2014
Visit, intended to boost ties, is first by a senior official from the Gulf state to the West Bank since 1967

Removing the Tutu-Hitler-Stalin article

Sunday September 14, 2014
The South African Jewish Report was right to take down the offending piece, but let’s keep it in perspective

Cameron calls emergency meeting after killing

Sunday September 14, 2014
UK to plan strategy in wake of beheading of aid worker David Haines by Islamic State

Gazan caught infiltrating Israel with knife

Sunday September 14, 2014
Man discovered by IDF lookout, caught and questioned

Turkey seeks behind-the-scenes role in NATO coalition

Sunday September 14, 2014
Despite pleas from Western allies, Ankara intent on minimizing direct participation in actions against Islamic State

Minister confirms Israel would aid Jordan against IS

Sunday September 14, 2014
While expressing support for US-led coalition on Islamic State, Yuval Steinitz says West must not takes its eye off Iran

Israeli Arab said to be Islamic State fighter in Syria

Sunday September 14, 2014
Rabiya Shahade, 26, of Nazareth, once a promising engineering student, left behind a wife and son to join IS

Gazan school year starts late, after war

Sunday September 14, 2014
Education Ministry says first week will be dedicated to psychological counseling and a transition into learning

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