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Monday, March 30, 2015

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Decision on Palestinian UN bid ‘will take time,’ Jordan says

Thursday December 18, 2014
Official says resolution text is open to negotiations; France, Britain and Germany press on with separate peace plan initiative

Digital mapping uncovers Holocaust-era mass graves in Ukraine

Thursday December 18, 2014
Researchers use geophysical imaging in Kremenets region to locate Nazi killing sites of thousands of Jews

Islamic State jihadists behead ‘sorcerer’ in Iraq

Thursday December 18, 2014
Victim may have been local Sufi leader; executioner identified as top IS operative

The CDC doesn’t just chase vampires

Thursday December 18, 2014
Sometimes the biggest health threats are the less prominent ones that don’t grab the headlines

Google Campus TLV Hanukkah menorah

Thursday December 18, 2014
Search Engine Roundtable: It’s a little untraditional, but the holiday lights atop Tel Aviv are festive

Iran nuke talks ‘very close’ to resolution, says Putin

Thursday December 18, 2014
In holiday message, Russian president praises Tehran in nuclear negotiations; criticizes West’s stance on Ukrainian crisis

French immigration to Israel dwarfs North American figures

Thursday December 18, 2014
6,655 Jews arrived from France in 2014, compared with only 3,225 from North America; rise of anti-Semitism cited as key factor in uptick

Ramallah’s UN moves will lead to Hamas takeover, PM warns

Thursday December 18, 2014
Day after Palestinian statehood bid submitted to Security Council, Netanyahu vows to rebuff ‘unilateral diktats’

Full text of Palestinians’ UN resolution: End the occupation by 2017

Thursday December 18, 2014
Draft text on Palestinian statehood submitted by Jordan to the Security Council on December 17, 2014

Gaza jihadis take credit for attack on French Institute

Thursday December 18, 2014
Jund Ansar Allah video decries ‘despicable, impure French'; displays explosive device used against French cultural center

Sydney menorah-lighting nixed after terror attack

Thursday December 18, 2014
Chabad cancels public Hanukkah ceremony for first time in 30 years after attack on cafe near where 33-foot menorah was to be set up

Women learn Torah too

Thursday December 18, 2014
State funding is crafted to ensure that only the male religious studies frameworks get public backing

Report names alleged Mossad spy in Hezbollah’s ranks

Thursday December 18, 2014
Mohammad Shorbah held key position in Hezbollah’s external attacks unit, says al-Jazeera

How much tech goes into hair dye? ColoRight knows for sure

Thursday December 18, 2014
Beauty giant L’Oreal has acquired an Israeli firm, with the aim of creating a more believable ‘instant blonde’

Government plans weekly English news broadcast

Thursday December 18, 2014
Internet video show, set to launch early next year, to cover regional politics, Israeli technology

Remixed PM belts out ‘Chandelier’

Thursday December 18, 2014
Edited video clip has prime minister singing along to hit single about partying hard

Half of Israelis want Netanyahu out, poll says

Thursday December 18, 2014
While 53% want a new prime minister, voters are divided on who might be a worthy successor

Bennett heckled at Tel Aviv think tank

Thursday December 18, 2014
‘I will not be silenced,’ Jewish Home leader shoots back during speech urging unapologetic rejection of land-for-peace

Game ad tech turns brands into players’ ‘pals’

Thursday December 18, 2014
If Coca-Cola lent you a hand, wouldn’t you be inclined to buy its drinks? That is the secret sauce of web start-up Woobi

Top court backs rabbis who revoked conversion over secular lifestyle

Thursday December 18, 2014
Israeli justices decide rabbis had the right to cancel Yonit Erez’s conversion two years after she became Jewish

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