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Sunday, April 20, 2014

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In Kansas City, targeting a community’s beating heart

Times of Israel - Monday April 14, 2014
The JCC building shattered by shotgun blasts isn’t just a haven for Jews — it’s a habitat, says one local dad

State Dept. issues warning against terror threat

Times of Israel - Monday April 14, 2014
American citizens, Westerners at risk of being kidnapped, attacked in Europe or overseas, US government warns

MH370 search area proves too deep for submarine

Times of Israel - Monday April 14, 2014
Bluefin 21 hauled back to surface of Indian Ocean only 6 hours into its planned 16-hour mission on the seabed

Israeli UN envoy pans diplomat for Nazi comparison

Times of Israel - Monday April 14, 2014
Prosor denounces Arab-oriented UN agency head for tacitly comparing Israel to genocidal 20th-century regimes

Family, friends remember Kansas shooting victims

Times of Israel - Monday April 14, 2014
Woman who lost father, son says 14-year-old who was gunned down had waited 3 years for singing contest tryouts

Paris auction of Nazi memorabilia canceled

Times of Israel - Monday April 14, 2014
Auction house nixes sale of objects from Hitler residence following protests by two Jewish groups

Kansas City shootings highlight threat of ‘lone wolf’ attacks

Times of Israel - Monday April 14, 2014
In aftermath of attacks on Jewish institutions, communal leaders urge vigilance, mull ways to boost security

Moscow denies Ukraine involvement as EU expands sanctions

Times of Israel - Monday April 14, 2014
European foreign ministers increase aid to Kiev, impose visa bans and asset freezes on more Russian officials

Obama to Putin: Press pro-Russia forces to disarm

Times of Israel - Monday April 14, 2014
In latest tense phone call, Russian president tells US counterpart Moscow not ‘meddling’ in neighbor’s affairs

Terrorists’ lawyer pleads guilty in tax case

Times of Israel - Monday April 14, 2014
Stanley Cohen, who represented bin Laden’s son-in-law, to lose law license, face up to 18 months in jail

ScarJo blames SodaStream criticism on anti-Semitism

Times of Israel - Monday April 14, 2014
Actress defends controversial role with Israeli company in interview with Vanity Fair magazine

Third Kansas victim identified as Terri LaManno, 53

Times of Israel - Monday April 14, 2014
Catholic mother of 3 was visiting her mom in the Village Shalom retirement home; other 2 victims said ambushed as they exited their car

Obama remembers Kansas victims at national prayer breakfast

Times of Israel - Monday April 14, 2014
‘No one should ever have to fear for their safety when they go to pray,’ says US president as synagogues add Passover security

Kansas City shooting a hate crime, authorities say

Times of Israel - Monday April 14, 2014
Though white supremacist Cross hasn’t been formally charged in slayings, officials say motive ‘unquestionable’

Israeli man killed, two injured in terror attack near Hebron

Times of Israel - Monday April 14, 2014
Shots fired at car of Modi’in family leave father dead, pregnant wife seriously injured; Hamas, Islamic Jihad praise shooting

Military spending down across globe, but rises in Middle East

Times of Israel - Monday April 14, 2014
Swedish think tank finds that Western countries, especially US, cut back, but Arab Spring causes regional growth

A parody comes full circle, from Derulo to Jewbellish

Heebonics - Monday April 14, 2014
As we sit down this week to retell the story of Passover and our Exodus from Egypt, and despite being a people so persecuted throughout history, we can be proud that today's artists and mainstream media are drawing quite a bit on aspects of Jewish culture.

For instance, American singer-songwriter and dancer Jason Derulo took a sweet Yiddish melody and adapted it to create his most recent smash hit Talk Dirty, the second single from his third studio album titled Tatoos.

Now the artist known as Jewbellish has taken it back with Talk Yiddish.

UN expert urges Iran to stop woman’s execution

Times of Israel - Monday April 14, 2014
Reyhaneh Jabbari is set to be killed Tuesday for stabbing intelligence official who may have sexually assaulted her

El Al's new safety video is a wild ride

Heebonics - Monday April 14, 2014
To everything there is a parody, and even airline passenger safety videos are not exempt.

El Al, Israel’s national carrier, promoting its low-fare Up brand, has added a bit of funk to the traditional explanation of aircraft rules and regulations. The video features disco bell bottoms, comical dance moves and a five-piece band.

Patterned after Virgin airlines’s viral hit, El Al's goes a couple of wild steps further.

The relatively new, low-cost brand was started last November. There are two classes of passengers and two ticket price points for short-haul flights to European destinations, as well as special handling for frequent-flier members. Customers decide how much they wish to pay and pay extra for each added service.

Here's a look at the sub-titled version of the video.

Vienna Philharmonic to return Nazi-looted painting

Times of Israel - Monday April 14, 2014
Work to be given back to heirs of French resistance operative Marcel Koch

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