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Monday, March 2, 2015

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Hasidic family charged in $20-million fraud case

Times of Israel - Thursday November 13, 2014
14 defendants found guilty of conspiracy to commit bank fraud in New York City

Rising anti-Semitism threatens all of Europe, US envoy says

Times of Israel - Thursday November 13, 2014
Samantha Power, Washington’s ambassador to the UN, tells Berlin conference that failure to act puts everyone’s rights at risk

Palestinian boy seriously hurt during clashes, medics say

Times of Israel - Thursday November 13, 2014
Salah Mahmoud taken to Hadassah Hospital after hit in face by sponge bullet in Issawiya, family says; police investigating incident

No age restrictions for Muslim prayers on Temple Mount Friday

Times of Israel - Thursday November 13, 2014
Police announcement comes after Kerry, Netanyahu, Abdullah agree on ‘practical steps’ to deescalate tensions

US death-row inmate hunger-strikes for kosher meals

Times of Israel - Thursday November 13, 2014
Murderer of Connecticut family claims ‘emotional injury’ for having to choose between following God and sinning to survive

US and Israel play ‘best buddies’ at Jewish confabs in DC

Times of Israel - Thursday November 13, 2014
Tensions thick under a veneer of joshing this week, with percolating blame over tattered Israeli-Palestinian peace process

Kerry: Israel, Jordan agree on steps to reduce Jerusalem tensions

Times of Israel - Thursday November 13, 2014
Following meeting in Amman with Netanyahu and Abdullah, US envoy says time is not right for Israelis, Palestinians to renew talks

Islamic State, al-Qaeda reach accord in Syria

Times of Israel - Thursday November 13, 2014
The two jihadi organizations, while not merging, will likely carry out joint attacks on targets in north of country

Palestinan cartoon glorifies Yehudah Glick’s shooter

Times of Israel - Thursday November 13, 2014
PA paper depicts Temple Mount activist as a snake, promises ‘Jerusalem will speak only Arabic’

Wix follows SodaStream with a 2015 Super Bowl ad

Heebonics - Thursday November 13, 2014
There's a long way to go until Super Bowl XLIX and many growing companies are after prime spots to showcase their offerings during the Feb. 1 broadcast.

Among returning advertisers Doritos and Mercedes-Benz, Israeli website builder Wix is getting in on the action.

In an effort to increase it's name recognition, the provider of enterprise-level development tools to small businesses will produce a 30-second spot at a cost of $4.5 million that will air during the fourth quarter of the big game.

From its humble beginnings in 2006, Wix has amassed 55 million paid users for its services and has more than 2.5 million fans on Facebook. Until now, the "Hottest Middle Eastern Startup" – so labelled by Inc. Magazine – has attracted users through conservative spends on direct response marketing. You've no doubt seen the companies sponsored ads in Facebook newsfeeds.

Vice-president of marketing Omer Shai is excited to be part of the most-watched sporting event of the year. While popular overseas, Wix's desire is to raise its standing in the minds of business owners across North America.

Along with the Wix ad, viewers will be treated to a host of new advertisements, from the makers of Loctite glue to a phone-battery extender device called Mophie.

Could Wix's ad go viral like many Super Bowl before it? Time will tell.

US condemns terrorist home demolition directive

Times of Israel - Thursday November 13, 2014
State Department calls controversial practice ‘collective punishment’ after Netanyahu reinstates policy

ADL speaks out on Nikki Minaj's new video

Heebonics - Thursday November 13, 2014

It's been a week since New York rapper and song writer Nikki Minaj's video for the single Only premièred, and it has drawn criticism from the Anti-Defamation League and fans alike.

The imagery in the video, as you can see from the promotional still, not only seems to glorify Nazism, it was actually intentional, video director Jeff Osborn said in a statement, though he maintains that neither he nor the video are anti-Semitic.

The YM displayed across Minaj's chest and on the red band spread across Chris Brown's cap and lapel stand for Young Money, representing Minaj's label. In the still, that's Canadian Jewish rap star Drake portraying a priest to Minaj's left.

Regarding Osborne's depiction of Young Money as a generic totalitarian regime, he says he's taken images and symbols from several countries and time periods to comment on the continued existence of such ideologies and social practices.

The ADL, however, doesn't buy it. "Nicky Minaj's new video disturbingly evokes Third Reich propaganda and constitutes a new low for pop culture's exploitation of Nazi symbolism."

Asked why the video was shot in black and white, with colour presented only in the form of the red banners with the YM logo imposed on a white background, akin to the look of a swastika, Osborne said: "The Young Money team came to me with a set of parameters in which they exactly stated: something black and white, dark, ominous, with hints of imagery like Sin City or Metalocalypse."

The song itself imagines what the experience would be like to sleep with Young Money's princess.

Share with us your thoughts after watching the video below.

Top US general considers sending more US troops to Iraq

Times of Israel - Thursday November 13, 2014
Martin Dempsey says 80,000 local soldiers needed in order to retake areas lost to Islamic State

Employment rate among ultra-Orthodox women hits new high

Times of Israel - Thursday November 13, 2014
Rise in haredi women in the workforce — now higher than overall female average — attributed to Sharon-era social security cuts

A year after passing boycott, ASA still obsessed with Israel

Times of Israel - Thursday November 13, 2014
And why is Israel relevant to the American Studies Association? Because settler colonialism links to the study of the African-American experience, says scholar

Heirs to Nazi-looted paintings pledge return to owners

Times of Israel - Thursday November 13, 2014
Partially Jewish family of German art hoarder will seek rightful claimants if Swiss museum declines to accept the works

Orders given to demolish East Jerusalem terrorist’s home

Times of Israel - Thursday November 13, 2014
Move against man who carried out August attack comes days after Netanyahu announces reinstatement of controversial policy

Portland Jewish community shaken by murder-suicide

Times of Israel - Thursday November 13, 2014
Ian Elias, 47, killed his ex-wife, Nicolette Elias, 46, then shot himself following confrontation with police

The Kindness of Strangers

Times of Israel - Thursday November 13, 2014
The biblical story of Rebecca at the well provides a lesson on the profound value of civility

Islamic State head releases new recording

Times of Israel - Thursday November 13, 2014
In audio file, a man who purports to be jihadi leader says his group’s battle will continue ‘even if only one soldier remains’

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