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Monday, October 20, 2014

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Murdered teen’s family: Death was terror attack

Times of Israel - Monday June 30, 2014
Relatives of Shelley Dadon urge state to declare motive for crime was ‘nationalistic’

A ray of hope for converts

Times of Israel - Monday June 30, 2014
The High Court’s reversal of a Rabbinical Court ruling forcing a mother to circumcise her son is a precedent

Canada and Israel are going to pot together

Times of Israel - Monday June 30, 2014
Canadian medical marijuana plant MedReleaf and Israeli company Tikun Olam are collaborating on two dozen cannabis-related research studies at hospitals in Israel

Israel's national treasure Yad Vashem evacuated

Heebonics - Thursday June 26, 2014
Museum staff and visitors had to be evacuated from Yad Vashem, Israel's memorial for victims of the Holocaust, on Wednesday because of a massive fire in the Jerusalem Forest.

Dozens of fire fighting units battled to contain the raging fire which extended outward from the neighbourhoods of Ein Kerem and Kiryat Hayovel, causing 200 homes to also be evacuated.

The fire spread rapidly in the early afternoon due to strong winds, and by evening more than 30 fire fighting units and six airplanes had the blaze under control. B'ezrat Hashem the evacuated employees and museum patrons, needed only to treated for smoke inhalation, no serious injuries yet reported. The investigation into the causes continues.

Gary Oldman should have talked only of the Apes

Heebonics - Thursday June 26, 2014
Gary Oldman, an incredibly accomplished English screen and stage actor, filmmaker and musician, presents himself in a very different fashion publicly than he does in the pages of Playboy Magazine.

Christopher Nolan's Commissioner Gordon, who fought for truth and justice in the Dark Knight (Batman) trilogy, went on Jimmy Kimmel Live  June 25 to vehemently apologize for the "poorly considered, ill informed statements" he gave in an interview to the publication.

In the magazine article, Oldman, who owes much to Hollywood for his top blockbuster roles and three film franchises, The Dark Night, Robocop and coming July 11 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, reduced Hollywood down to a"'town run by Jews"and came across as condoning similar anti-Semitic statements made by Mel Gibson in recent years that have ostracized him from the industry and fellow thespians once counted as friends.

Oldman, begging for forgiveness most importantly from his "Team Oldman" fans seemed more apologetic for having been caught than for perpetuating beliefs he says at the age of 56 he "should know better."

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