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Sunday, October 4, 2015

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Bill Clinton expresses admiration for Jerusalem’s history

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Bill Clinton

JERUSALEM — Former U.S. President Bill Clinton visited the Western Wall on Tuesday, June 18, calling the visit “an amazing visit to a place that opens one's eyes,” the Jerusalem Post reported.

Clinton also toured the Western Wall tunnels and expressed admiration for Jerusalem’s long history.

“I really love this place,” Clinton said, the Jerusalem Post reported. “Here we see life in Jerusalem at different times. Here there are layers of different periods, one on top of the other, each one representing a world of life.”

But Clinton, who was in Israel for the annual Presidential Conference, also had some stern messages for the Jewish state. On Monday evening, during a speech at Israeli President Shimon Peres’s 90th birthday celebration, Clinton said he believes Israel has no alternative to a two-state solution if it wants to maintain its democratic character.

“Is it really okay with you if Israel has a majority of its people living within your territory who are not now, and never will be, allowed to vote?” Clinton rhetorically asked, the Associated Press reported.

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