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Sunday, August 2, 2015

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Jewish acts at NXNE Festival

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Lakes of Canada

There are several Jewish artists performing at this year’s NXNE Festival which features over 1,000 bands performing at over 50 venues around Toronto from June 10-16.

Tal Cohen-Shalev, Jerusalem: Every now and then a musical act seems to transcend geographical and cultural boundaries. Taking cues from James Taylor, Nick Drake, and Cat Stevens for an introspective sound out of Israel.

The Jessica Stuart Few, Toronto: Canada's only koto-toting (a 13-string Japanese harp) folk-jazz power trio. Jessica Stuart's groove is as rooted in the improvisational give-and-take of modern jazz and progressive folk.

Dana Sipos,  Yellowknife: The multi-instrumentalist is part poetry and politics, with hints of blues, a dash of soul, and a whole lot of charm.

CRHYMES, Toronto:  Psychedelic indie art-rock outfit full of throwbacks, with past and present members from bands like Doldrums and Snowblink. Swaying vibes and polyrhythmic grooves give an inner-body experience.  

Golden Bloom, Montclair, USA: With sharp melodies, vivid guitar work, and intelligent, energetic songwriting, this is pop music that asks its listeners to both think and dance.

Lakes of Canada, Montreal: Fleet Foxes and Simon & Garfunkel-style quintet playing choral folk pop. There's soul to the lyric-driven songs, warming the heart with the Montreal band's delivery of rich vocal harmonies and stellar instrumentation.

Modern Rivals, Brooklyn, USA: Brooklyn’s Modern Rivals weave whirling keyboard lines, lush loops, and dreamy guitar tones around balladic vocals and a hard-hitting percussive backdrop.

Panther and the Supafly, Montreal. A collective of musicians and producers fusing sounds of hip hop, R&B, jazz, pop, and electronic music finding influences in artists such as The Roots, Frank Ocean, and D'Angelo.

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