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Monday, October 5, 2015

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Saving The CJN

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Like so many other Jewish Canadian who live in small communities, I am writing to add my voice to all of those who will be deliberating over the future of The Canadian Jewish News.

I have been a subscriber for as long as I can remember.  A lot has been said and written about the essential service that is provided by this weekly publication. Living in Saint John, New Brunswick where there is a tiny but vibrant community is a challenge every single day.  Maintaining one's cultural heritage is not something that is taken for granted.

For me The CJN has been a lifeline to the Canadian Jewish community.  Saint John has given so many of its best and brightest to much larger communities right across this country.  Because The CJN is in tune and in touch with these communities, those of us who remain in New Brunswick, by choice, have been able to keep abreast with our “Lantsmen”.

Numerous Jewish professionals in Canada's big cities were born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick.  National organizations, such as Hadassah Wizo, and the Women's League for Conservative Judaism were very important parts of our every day lives.

Now we look forward to receiving our weekly copies of The Canadian Jewish News to find out what is happening on the national front.  Though we do hear from some of our ex-pats from time to time, The CJN is the most reliable and regular source of “What's New?” for many of us.

I implore those of you at The CJN and your business associates and all who will be involved with this vital decision, to think about what you mean to so many of us.
Please don't cast us adrift.

Teri Leikin-Levine
Saint John, New Brunswick


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