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Sunday, October 4, 2015

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To our readers

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Over the past three weeks, I have been assuring our readers of the hopes, aims, intentions and striving to “rescue” The CJN, intact, in print, on the web, in Toronto, in Montreal and available across Canada.

Even as the days and the weeks are flying by, we are making progress on the multiple, complex and concurrent requirements to make the “rescue” come true.

Each piece of this large jigsaw puzzle must be put into the right place. If it is wrong, the whole puzzle will be wrong. Until every last piece is properly connected, the picture is incomplete. We – and you - want the new CJN picture to be complete. To that end, I assure you that the board of directors continues to work without pause.

We hope to be able to make a final, positive announcement in the near future.

Donald Carr, President

The Canadian Jewish News


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