• Patrice Nishikawa

    I am also an 11th generation Canadian like Mr. Marceau and now a Japanese citizen. There is no contradiction between Quebec Nationalism and becoming a Jew. Quebec’s nationalism now, for better or worse, is no longer connected to Roman Catholicism. 60 years ago, Mr. Marceau’s conversion would have been tantamount to treason. Now it means nothing in particular.
    Of course Ashkenazi Jews in Quebec are mostly English speaking and thus are mostly federalists. But I am quite sure than an independent Quebec, with today’s culture, would not be more anti-Semitic than Canada as a whole, at least I see no reasons….

    Most Quebeckers now would think of Mr. Marceau’s as weird but interesting and certainly not “treasonous”. They view my Japanese citizenship in a similar manner…..
    PS All my ancestors came to Canada in the 1600s.