• Raineys_8705

    Wicked stares, soft murmur, and  revealing gestures
    She begins to feel uncomfortable
    ” Don’t she know where she belong?”
    She finds her self rapidly pacing, but only to stumble.
    At her face appeared a boot 6 ft caucasion male
    At this time all she could think was
    “out of all the damn the palces, this where the hell i fell?”
    He said ” awwww..look yal, we got dinner to eat”
    Everone surroundin watchin
    Screamin, “we got the heat”
    She seals  her eyes tight
    Praying to god for mercy 
    speaking in tongue, god have mercy.
    You hear a baratone voice, speaking
    “now yall looka here”
    The appearance of a black holmess man, she seen over the years. 
    “Ya’ll mess wit ha
    Cosequences will surely appear.”
    Intimidated by the presentation of this man, n might i add
    He had a more guns than the United States Army , have had. 
    Everyone ran out
    The girl lifted her eyes, n began to ask
    “Mister are you God?”
    He replies,” No, im your Dad. :)”