• Ton Cremers

    I wonder if the person who reviewed this book really read it. It is clumsily written and really loaded with inadequacies. According to Knelman: The genesis of the Museum Security Network didn’t have to do with making money; it had to do with one museum security official coping with the aftermath of an armed robbery at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. In 1996, Ton Cremers was head of security when a group of seventeenth-century paintings were stolen. Cremers felt isolated and vulnerable. To soothe his lonesome paranoia, he decided to start his own website, as a way to tell his story as well as a place to post articles from the world media chronicling the rising number of museum thefts. The articles were comforting to him, because they indicated that he wasn’t the only museum security director dealing with violent criminals……..In 2000, Cremers held his first MSN conference, which attracted museum professionals from across the world, including the Getty’s Bob Combs…”. None of this is correct. There never ever was an armed robbery at the Rijksmuseum. Never ever ‘a group of 17th century paintings were stolen’ from the Rijksmuseum. I never ever organized an MSN conference. Soothing my ‘lonesome paranoia’? ‘Dealing with violent crimes’? As security director of the Rijksmuseum (and several other museums) I never ever experienced violent crimes. What is this author writing about? I really lost all appetite to read the rest of this sensationalist book.

    This books is not even fit to wrap fish in.