• steven

    in hot water? who’s hot water. The way i see it , Roger Waters is Spot on.
    He hits it right on the head, the symbols of fascism and torture should include the start of david.

  • Sudburygoody

    The ignorant buy into the BDS crap. Israel is an advanced democracy that has the rule of law. They don’t discriminate, there’s no apartheid. Its an open and tolerant society. The fact that they have to defend themselves against their enemies is constantly used against Israel to portray them negatively. The countries that surround Israel hate them and want them destroyed because they can’t stand the idea that a Muslim could be ruled by a Jew. The problems that Israel faces in the middle east are based on racist hatred of Jews. Don’t buy into the hype. These same haters shoot rockets at innocent civilians. Is that the type of person you trust to be honest with you?

  • Mike

    Steven. He is a Jew hater. How would you respond to a pop star flying a camel to protest the evil Arabs ripping us off for their oil? And for all the terrorist attacks on the rest of humanity?

    • steven

      I disagree, he hates Israel, not Jews, he is very clear about that, when he sees what israel does to the Palestinians he stands up against the apartheid and the star symbol, you may want to research that , it is not jewish at all, om and hrim. There is a difference between saying jewish people are evil and speaking about the evil things the Israelis are doing.

      Sudbury Goody, i think it would be best if you traveled a bit, perhaps to the middle east, you could read some nice books, about the area and how business is done, Israel would not have to defend themselves if they stopped stealing other peoples land.

  • steven

    “The ignorant buy into the BDS Crap” Stephen Hawking is far from ignorant.

  • Savedoctor

    Hopefully Waters goes the way of all flesh sooner rather than later.

  • Borukh

    Unlike what goes on in the West Bank, Israel inside the “Green Line” (the 1949 cease-fire lines that defines Israel’s borders before the 1967 War) does not demonstrate apartheid. However, it is a VERY racist and discriminatory society. I say this very sadly, from personal experience after 8 visits between 1964 and 2012, plus my many relatives and friends who live there. My paternal grandparents, my father’s sister and her husband, and many cousins settled there in the early 1920’s not long after the British Mandate for Palestine was ratified by the League of Nations.

    In fact, Israel’s democracy hangs by a thread. It has no real constitution, embedded with solid civil rights and requiring concerted wide-spread agreement to alter. It’s set of “Basic Laws” can be changed by simple acts of the Knesset, its parliament. It does not respect its own citizens – not only Arab Israelis (both Christian and Muslim), but even Jewish Israelis. There is no civil marriage – all marriages must be performed within established religious institutions. A citizen of Jewish heritage cannot marry a citizen of non-Jewish heritage inside the country. A citizen of non-Jewish heritage cannot marry a non-Israeli of the same heritage outside Israel and bring that person to Israel so they can live together – and if they go their spouse’s country to live, they lose their Israeli citizenship.- while someone of Jewish heritage can easily enter into a marriage with a Jew who isn’t a citizen and bring that person back to live in Israel or go to that person’s country and live there without losing Israeli citizenship. This is discrimination of the lowest sort!

    Only the orthodox branch of Judaism is recognized in law, and supported by tax payers’ money. Only orthodox conversions made inside Israel are respected in law. Jews of colour, such as Ethiopian and Yemenite Jews are discriminated against in various ways. Arab Israelis have had to go to the High Court of Justice (Israel’s supreme court) to enforce their right to build a house in certain towns, and the cases (I know of two) have dragged through the court and implementation by local counsels for many years. There even is a law that allows hundreds of small towns and villages to set up committees that can pick and choose which people to admit as residents!

    The Bedouin of the Negev, who have a legally defensible indigenous title to about 5% of the land of the Negev because they have roamed it and used it for 700 years, are facing a law that is currently going through the Knesset which will remove from 30,000 to 70,000 of them from those lands and place them in what are the equivalent of reserves – against their wills. It’s not that the government (via the infamous Prawer-Begin Plan) hasn’t set aside a lot of money for this ‘project’. It’s that they have not consulted the Bedouin leadership, let alone given individual families any choice in the matter, even though ALL of these people are full citizens of Israel.

    I could go on and on giving a LOT more examples. Oh yes, Israel, “the only democracy in the Middle East” it is said, and Sudburygoody has the khutzpa to claim it’s “an advanced democracy that has the rule of law”! Unlike Sudburygoody who seems to have completely bought into another hype, I love Israel but I am not deaf, dumb and blind to its VERY serious flaws and terrible shortcomings. As Jews who have suffered from racism and been the subject of discrimination for millenia and even until today, we know we understand the difference between a pseudo-democracy and a real democracy. Unfortunately, Israel is not a real democracy for all of its citizens and for “the stranger who lives among you”, not by a long chalk!