• Not fooled by lies of the frum

    Thumbs Down…hypocrites.

    • shirshelshalom

      Here is an amazing thought- why not view the film before you pass such a judgement? Or are you psychic?

    • Dam Avadav

      I am with you.
      And what about the Rabbi’s ambiguous answer regarding same gender? Is he trying to sound so open minded or does he think we’ll buy it?

  • jamiejones455

    Nice article.

  • marseamodest

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  • Chaya Sarah Blachman

    how do we get a copy of film to have a showing in other cities?

  • Mordechai Bulua

    Modesty in Speech
    The following are the words of the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l, taken from
    “Beautiful Within-Modesty in Concept and Dress as Taught by the Lubavitcher
    Rebbe,” translated by Sholom B. Wineberg

    “Our Sages explain that tznius must be observed in every aspect of Jewish
    life, including speech and thought. When G-d said that he bears witness that the
    Jewish families remained holy and pure [in ancient Egypt], there was but one
    single exception among the millions of Jews [Shelomis bas Divri]. This solitary
    deviation occurred because there was a lack of tznius in speech. This individual
    did not speak in the manner expected of a Jewish woman or daughter. Herein lies
    an even more profound lesson. One may demand of Jewish women and daughters that
    tznius be applied not only to something so fundamental as dress, but also with
    regard to conversation! There as well, G-d blesses and enables us if we but so
    desire that even our conversations with one another be conducted in a manner of

    Hamayvin yavin

    • Dam Avadav

      Gut Gezogt