• HoliffFame


    “Thank you Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf for a beautifully written piece about my father and my new film! I would like to take this opportunity, however, to offer one correction. I did not say that I spoke to John Carter Cash and Rosanne Cash, and “‘received their blessings’ to make the film.”

    Indeed, our press materials state the following: “[The film] is said to be the first documentary featuring The Man In Black not endorsed (directly or indirectly) by the Cash family. [http://web.me.com/holifffame/My_Father_and_The_Man_In_Black/About.html].

    What I did say was that, in 2007, I informed the Cash family of my plans for this film–but that it never occurred to me to ask permission. Asking permission to make a documentary (on any topic) is to subject that story to outside influences that, in my opinion, cannot then legitimately be called a documentary.

    I am grateful to Mr. Levy-Ajzenkopf for this terrific story, and I thank CJN in advance for allowing me to make this important correction. Best wishes, Jonathan Holiff”

  • Elise Vautour

    Fascinating Documentary on many levels. :0 Bravo