• The idea that being the victim of persecution ***doesn’t
    excuse persecuting others is completely valid.

    Dr. Norman Finkelstein, who for his writings has been
    virtually blacklisted by Jews and Israel, noted in “The Holocaust
    Industry” that the Jewish Holocaust has allowed Israel to cast itself /
    “the most successful ethnic group in the United States” –> as
    eternal victims.

    (um, shouldn’t it be Native Americans being USA’s biggest
    victims? Then the black slaves?).

    Finkelstein, the son of Jewish survivors of the Nazi
    Holocaust, goes on to argue this status has enabled Israel, which has “a
    horrendous human rights record,” to play the victim as it oppresses
    Palestinians or destroys Lebanon. This victim status has permitted U.S. Jewish
    organizations (the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress and
    others) to get their hands on billions of dollars in reparations, much of which
    never finds its way to the dwindling number of Holocaust survivors.

    Finkelstein’s mother, who was in the Warsaw ghetto,
    received $3,500, while the World Jewish Congress walked away with roughly $7
    billion in compensation moneys. The organization pays lavish salaries to its
    employees and uses the funds to fuel its own empire.

    For many the Nazi Holocaust is not used to understand and
    deal with the past, and more importantly the universal human capacity for evil,
    but to manipulate the present.

    Finkelstein correctly writes the fictitious notion of
    unique suffering leads to feelings of unique entitlement.