• Hal Savior

    Esther Pollard, Jonathan Pollard’s wife of more than two decades lives in JERUSALEM ISRAEL, not Toronto. She has lived in Jerusalem for many years. This inaccuracy about Mrs. Pollard seems to be symptomatic of the current Toronto production of the play.
    Consider: Motti Lerner visited Pollard in prison YEARS AFTER he wrote this play and its 1994 debut at the Kameri Theatre in Tel Aviv. Consequently, because Lerner only met Pollard after the play was written, the character of Pollard in the play bears little or no resemblance to the real life Jonathan Pollard. This is not about Pollard’s “inner life” being hidden from Lerner. Rather, that is just an excuse for why the outer, observable character and personality of Pollard in the play, is light years away from resembling the real Jonathan Pollard. It’s a pity. The real Pollard is an absolutely majestic and fascinating person.