• Diamond Coal

    “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” by Mohsin Hamid is a compelling and brilliantly woven pro-Arab (Pakistani), anti-American novel.
    It deftly and sympathetically justifies Muslim rage and condones violence against Americans/America. Never mind that in the novel, true to academias’ ideas of entitlement for feeding at the trough, although the U.S. finances the university education of Changez, the protagonist who is a foreign student, there are no signs of gratitude just growing hatred.

    “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” describes Pakistani culture as much more civilized. Changez’s gentle approach towards Western women will capture the female readership’s sympathy while everyone can identify with his subtly convincing and escalating dislike of America. Yes, there are racists in the U.S. (it’s against the law) but not the fundamental “racism” against people of other religions and violent misogyny in Muslim culture (it is the law).
    In reality, Pakistani girls and women face atrocities such as female genital castration and mutilation, acid throwing, torture, forced prostitution and slavery. To

    The author, Mohsin Hamid was a student of Toni Morrison (who accused Israel of perpetrating genocide) and Joyce Carol Oates.