• Kostya

    Toronto boycotts Spivakov for supporting Putin’s actions in Ukraine and Crimea:


    Petition to boycott Spivakov:


  • feelingual

    Really upset to see a respectable media outlet tell its readers half the story. Maestro Spivakov has recently signed an open letter taking a public stand in favour of Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine. Each of the concerts he’s given in the US and Canada since signing the open letter brought numerous supporters of peace in Ukraine to pickets outside the concert venues that hosted him. More rallies are planned in the remaining cities of his North American tour. The promoter (ShowOneProductions) clearly wants the controversy to remain hidden from the potential audience; comments and postings related to the open letter have been removed from its facebook page and further comments have been disabled. I hope you choose to remain professional and cover this story in a more objective way.

  • Nataly Malishev

    May 6th, a peaceful protest was held in front of the Chan Center, UBC.
    Ukrainians and Russians together protested against
    musicians who support Russia’s aggression in Ukraine
    and the annexation of Crimea.
    Vladimir Spivakov,was among the first to sign a public letter pledging a full
    support to President Putin’s policy toward Ukraine.
    This policy resulted in annexation of Crimea, a new wave of
    human rights violations and chauvinism in Russia,
    and an unprecedented level of anti-American propaganda in
    the Russian media.

  • Music-Lovers Against-Aggressio



    If you are going to enjoy music performed by one of the best chamber orchestras of
    the world – the Moscow Virtuosi, you should know that Vladimir Spivakov, art director and principal conductor of the orchestra, publicly supported the Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

    On March 11, 2014, Russian state-owned media, including Gazprom-owned daily
    Izvestia and the web-site of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation,
    published an open letter by a number of Russian artists, including Vladimir
    Spivakov, expressing their full support of Putin’s policy towards Ukraine.

    The propaganda meant to whitewash the invasion of Crimea and the violations of the
    international law that were subsequently condemned by the United Nations
    resolution GA/11493.

    The basic truth is – Spivakov used his artistic standing to promote the political
    agenda of the Russian state. He didn’t have to do that but he volunteered. None
    of his friends and colleagues at the Moscow Virtuosi signed the infamous

    Next time you go to a Moscow Virtuosi concert, check ahead to make sure that the conductor
    is Vladimir Simkin, and not Spivakov.

    We support musicians of all political views and nationalities but not those who endorse
    wars or invasions of other countries.

  • Music-Lovers Against-Aggressio

    Q&A on the Spivakov controversy

    Q: Crimea is so small – is that worth the fight?

    A: The last 2 world wars started with small skirmishes. Once
    the world order starts crumbling, there is no way of telling
    how the chips will fall. If the guarantees of territorial integrity
    that were provided to Ukraine by Russia, USA, UK and France
    in 1996 are not worth the paper they were written on – how
    can anyone hope to convince Iran or North Korea to give up
    their nuclear ambition?

    Q: Canada is so far from Russia or Ukraine – why should we
    care about Spivakov’s views?

    A: Some Canadian settlements are closer to Moscow that they
    are to Ottawa. What would you say if Putin’s next move was to
    announce that Russia has historical rights to Alaska or that the
    Baffin Island is not really Canadian? Canada has NATO
    obligations to defend Lithuania and Estonia – countries which
    are exposed as potential targets of Putin’s USSR 2.0

    Q: What is wrong about Spivakov’s signing of the March 11

    A: Spivakov participated in the propaganda war to support the
    invasion that was condemned by Canada and most countries
    of the world. In Russia, as a post-totalitarian state, the genre
    of mass open letters of support for the government’s actions is
    simply reprehensible, if often misunderstood in the West. This
    was an orchestrated effort (pun intended) to promote the
    political agenda of Mr. Putin, which boils down to annexations,
    partitions and destabilizations of the exposed neighbouring

  • Virginia Savova

    Boycott of Spivakov is underway in USA and Canada over his support of Putin’s actions in Ukraine and Crimea https://www.facebook.com/groups/MusicLoversAgainstAggression/