• Bradleigh Stockwell

    In reference to the notice regarding a production of the play “Taking
    Sides,” I find it troubling that at this point in time there is still
    debate over Wilhelm Furtwangler’s activities from 1933-1947. By
    choosing to stay in Germany, he was able to use his pull to save dozens
    of lives, get endangered people out of Europe, and assist people who
    needed money, help, or an exit visa. He did those things for hundreds of
    people; he wouldn’t
    have been able to if he’d done “the smart thing” and left Germany in
    1933. I suppose the largest inaccuracy
    in the play is having Furtwangler verbally assaulted by an American
    officer. In fact, American authorities quickly cleared Furtwangler. Harwood’s
    play, which, sadly, seems destined to become most audience’s
    introduction to Furtwangler, is a very British work: one that loathes
    Germans AND Americans.