• SmarterEnu

    News flash – York students voted in solidarity to support people who teach their children that slitting a Christian baby’s throat is a ticket to heaven.
    That also means they support their friends’ wife beating, jailing reporters who criticize the PA and Hamas, and hanging and beating gays.
    Bravo York, we know you hate Jews, after all it is a centuries old global tradition, but how in any conscience do you vote to support people who put bomb belts on minor children to blow themselves up – it is immoral at best.
    Millions butchered in the Congo, 80,000 civilians butchered in Syria, human rights non existent in the Middle East except in a israel and you voted for what? People who can no longer casually send children across the street with high explosives strapped to their young bodies to kill Jews because the Jews put up a wall to stop that and save their lives?
    What irks new haters is that after centuries of bullying and butchering Jews, that barbarism now has deadly consequences.
    There is no pace in academia for monologues and votes for issues where opposing viewpoints have been stifled.
    Unless of,course it involves Jews who should only just die I suppose?
    York, a new low in education and morality.
    Funny coming from a country that raped,pillaged and murdered the native people into a few hundred reserves! Maybe your next vote should be about giving back America to the native Indians and your returning to anywhere else?

  • GungleGeorge

    I’m writing from Australia. The Former Howard government outlawed compulsory student unionism, requiring voluntary membership and voluntary fees. Of course as soon as the Labor government was elected they reversed this. The Labor leader is a product of the corrupt student union system. Student unions are notoriously corrupt. They get budgets by enforcement. A tiny percentage of students turn up to vote. They are invariably dominated by activists from the left who promote agendas that are pernicious and out of line with the body they are supposed to represent. Harper should do a Howard.

  • truthdareisay

    This is the picture you chose to accompany the article? How sad.