• oneof5

    The “anti-semitism” and “victimization” cards have been misused, overplayed, devalued, and are no longer effective as a weapon to stop exposure of, and debate regarding, Israel’s many, many violations of international law and the rights of the Palestinians …

    Time to get some new shtick …

  • Kavod And Kaved

    In another exciting expose by the Canadian Shrewish News, it discovers that, despite weeks and months respectively of being bombarded by news coverage and government statements concerning Syria and Crimea, Canadian university students remain mysteriously unaware of the events taking place there. Almost as if they were asleep….or more likely deeply hypnotized by their made-in-human-rights-abusing-China iPads, iPods and iPhones, a hypocrisy the CSN utterly failed to invoke.

    That’s OK though, real journalists covered that story, which was picked up by media outlets all over North America and beyond. Noteworthy in that was the complete lack of Chinese expatriates clogging up the comments feeds complaining of being singled out for racist condemnation.