• Tristan Laing

    The “Israeli Arabs” who spoke at the event at the University of Toronto presented themselves as “Palestinians”, and referred to Arab members of the Israeli Knesset as “Palestinians”.

    One of these self-declared Palestinians acted with very poor conduct, continually interrupting our speaker and chair, to the point where they were asked to leave.

    • iggy

      Is there a similar debate regarding any other country in the world? Why not?

    • selayair

      I thought the Israeli Arabs were Pro Israel?

      • JossefPerl

        Yes, what is wrong with Israeli Arabs being Pro Israel when they see the kind of freedom and opportunities they enjoy in Israel compared to their brethren in Arab countries?

        • selayair

          I’m simply don’t like in illusion. I think you should compare their freedom not to others Arab countries, but compare to Jewish in Israel.

    • emma

      What a load of bull-shite. Try the truth for once, please.

    • steve_mendelle

      Having read Joan Barker’s comment following, all I can say is you are talking bollocks.

    • Roy L.

      Did you look at the video that Joan offered? Please let us know your response.

  • Joan Barker

    NOT true. They presented themselves as Israeli Arabs,
    because that is what they are – Muslim and Bedouin Israeli citizens! Yes,
    sorry to confuse you with facts, but there are Palestinian Arab members of the
    Knesset in Israel. Try Wikipedia, or Ask.com, or Google.
    ALL of them acted with great decorum in the face of a litany of propaganda that
    was a combination of misrepresentations, distortions of truth, and blatant
    lies. After listening to the entire presentation quietly, they requested time to speak and were each
    given the mic, at which point the organizers turned off their video. Censorship
    is alive and well, it seems, at these meetings. Freedom of speech for only the
    propagandists. After they spoke, calmly and politely, one of the members was
    shouted at because he was taping the entire proceedings with his iphone. THAT
    is when they were forced to leave.
    And we have the entire video to prove this – not your fantasy version, Tristan

  • heb macman

    They (anti-Israelis) are NEVER going to believe that Israel isn’t what they believe it to be because then they’d have to take a long hard look at their beliefs… And that would burst their heads… It’s called cognitive dissonance…