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    The silent vigil was for the people of Gaza, children of Gaza, and against the
    war…Not Not in memory of Hamas’ figures! Please double check facts. The Israeli Arabs didn’t come from the moon, they are part of the Arab Palestinian people and it’s only normal that
    they have empathy to their own people , especially those who are under occupation according to International law. In the same time and upon giving the the Israeli citizenship in 48 for those
    who managed to stay in country during the war and didn’t become refugees, they also
    became Israelis and most of them are for the 2 state solution but still
    struggle for equal rights in a state that identifies itself as Jewish and democratic, which is understandable quest and need of the Jewish people and especially after the
    horrifying Holocaust they faced but very much challenging in practice and reality. It’s about to at least recognize what the 48 war caused to the Palestinians; why the Jews so much wanted a place to feel safe and control their future…and then move on… beyachad vi lechod… ayadalia@gmail.com