• Shein Ariely

    The boycott Israel are like the 3 monkeys adapted to Arabs takiyya lying to infidels doctrine :
    They don’t “”heat nothing- see nothing- understand nothing”” and “” talk lies””.
    Genocide people cannot multiply 5 times in 35 years.

    ** The Arab population increased from 1 to 5 million under Israel government
    Arab population is Israel + Palestine;
    Year 1950— 1.172.100
    Year2005—- 5.139.100
    —Such a dramatic increase is the result of enormous increase of life infrastructure.
    -Palestinian life span is longer than most of Arab countries
    -Palestinians education is higher compared to Arab countries

    The real genocide is worst than apartheid is an the Arab states and Iran.

    1: Christians in Arab states:
    Christians now make up 5% of the population, down from 0% in the early 20th century mainly because emigration due ethnic, religious persecution and killings

    2: Christian slavery in Sudan and Mauritania
    Verify on youtube.

    3: In Iran: Teachers of Bahai religion are hanged

    4: Palestine authority- Christian population dropped from about 140,000 in 1967 to 51,000

    5: Saudi Arabia : Religious freedom is virtually non-existent.
    Conversion by a Muslim to another religion is a crime punishable by death.

    Israel is the one country in the Middle East where the Christian POPULATION GREW from 34,000 in 1948 to more than 155,000 in 2013

    An Arab professor published recently differences between Arab countries and Israel – of course
    not in an Arab state or Iran where he would be jailed on the best cased.
    Arabs countries:
    -Use force to maintain power and keep d humans living in fear.
    -Indoctrinate people with four things:
    *The ruling are great (à la Kim Jung Il).
    *Their country is the greatest.
    *The Palestinian cause is something that is part of their identity.
    *Force feed them Islam so it can be used as a tool to control

    *If you’re a citizen there, your basic freedoms are respected.
    * You can live peacefully, raise a family, and send your kids to competitive and globally recognized universities.

    * This simple basic respect for human dignity put them light-years ahead of any Arab state.

    *As a human being who seeks to improve himself, Israel is a logical choice. It is the only place in the Middle East where your potential can be fully expressed.

    *Based on the values it stands for and the principles that it was founded on, Israel is a force of good for that region and for the world.

    • Mesayat