• Borealis

    Educational efforts are one step in the right direction but education and increased knowledge about mental illness have not really led to a reduction in stigma. These efforts have been underway long before CHAT decided it was time to take a look at the state of the world. It is very hard to teach compassion.Compassion is often looked upon as a liberal notion and far too many people have no time for liberal ideas at CHAT. This is a problem that comes from within the larger community, not a CHAT made problem. This article gives me mixed feelings. I makes me glad to see that some are trying to make change happen and to engage in true tikkun olam but I have to ask why, and feel sad, that it has taken so long.

  • laura chaiton

    I am grateful to have been asked to speak on the panel for mental health issues. It is time to educate staff and students on eating disorders and mental health issues. I hope to reduce the shame associated with mental health and to inspire those struggling to find their voice and scream for help. My blog related to this topic and on my life can be found at http://alifewithed.blogspot.com