• By myself

    While I am happy to see a hate group being sent to time out in the
    corner I am dismayed at the reasoning. York students did go to the
    human rights office and did provide screen shots of antisemetic and
    threatening remarks against pro-Israeli students on SAIA official
    facebook page, we did provide video footage of SAIA calling for another
    intifada, and we did speak about our concerns about the hate propoganda
    that SAIA are spreading amongst the university. We were told that they
    would do nothing about the situation and recieved an email from Elise,
    who works at the human rights office at York. The fact that hate is
    tolerated and encouraged and the fact that York admin. has not
    sanctioned SAIA for their antisemitism but instead sanction them for
    noise violations shows me that York University has a long way to go to
    eradicate the deep seeds of anti-Jewish mentality amongst its students,
    faculties, and administration. I would urge the Jewish students and
    Jewish community to not let their guard down and relax because the
    stance the admin at York have taken speaks loud and clear about their
    stance on the vile hatred of Israel and Jewish people. They are more
    concerned about noise levels than the antisemitism on campus, as a
    Jewish student at York I am ashamed and disgusted to be attending this
    university and will not be doing my Masters at this poor excuse of an
    institution of higher learning.

    • Linda

      Thank you for this Sarah. I’ll make sure to stay away from York when it comes to choosing a university.

  • One diva

    I agree with S.C. Dee… The reasoning is shameful in light of the outstanding evidence of hate the group espouses contrary to hate speech laws here in Canada!

    • Bryce Jones

      protesting against israels mistreatment of children is not hate. a lot of these people were from the middle east and seen loved ones get murdered by zionist forces. jewish people arent the problem it’s the israeli government, and the ability of the pro israeli lobby to overlook international crimes committed against another peoples that is the problem, and it’s quite a big one at that.

      If these were pro israeli protestors shouting death to muslims im sure it wouldve not been a huge deal.