• Beer Baron

    Israel maintains diplomatic ties with 159 countries as of March 2017. Some pariah state.

    Furthermore, unlike the author, Netanyahu understands that Palestinian violence against Jewish settlement in the land of Israel dates back to the 1920s, well before the West Bank was “occupied” and the state of Israel even existed.

    Netanyahu gets it that the root of the conflict lies in the refusal to recognize the legitimacy of a Jewish nation-state in the “Arab Middle East.” A two-state solution is, in essence, a betrayal of Islam.

  • Michael Mann

    Any excuse will be picked up by those hostile to Jews. Meanwhile, Israel repossessed territory to which it has sovereign entitlement in international law and in the customary law of nations. Territory was acquired defending against Arab agression and the IDF administers the occupation per the security exceptions in the Fourth Geneva Convention, Articles 64 to 78. In law, Israel’s conduct is irreproachable.

    The trade off is condemnation for defensible borders and “reconstiturion” of the Jewish homeland. Granted, the optics have been leveraged to Israel’s disadvantage but that’s hard to overcome in a world that hates Jews.

    Still Netanyahu has done not a bad job minimizing Israel’s “pariah” status through diplomacy. If the author of this article failed to notice, Israel’s UN ambassador was just elected – elected – as a UN General Assembly vice-president. Israel has trade and cultural relations with, among others, China, India, Russia — yes Russia — European states and the United States.

    Israel’s Sunni Arab neighbours rely on Israel to defend them against Shia Iran.

    “Pariah” state? I think not; but what’s the alternative to the current status quo? Surely not an idependent Arab state west of the Jordan River. De-militarized semi-autonomy in Oslo A and B is the solution. It has drawbacks but politics is the art of the possible.