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Sunday, August 30, 2015

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Tribulations of the common folk

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In response to the letter by Richard Venn, chairman of the board of UJA Feder-ation of Greater Toronto, titled “Tuition challenge a sign of success,” (May 30), which in turn was a response to my earlier article “Are we buckling under the high cost of Jewish life?” (May 14), I quote a talmudic passage from Brachot 28a, para-phrased only slightly. When the recently deposed leader Rabban Gamaliel went to visit Rabbi Joshua in his home and made a comment that indicated a degree of insensitivity to the realities of the financially struggling scholars, Rabbi Joshua retorted, “Woe to the generation where the leaders do not understand the tribula-tions of the common folk.”

Jerrold Landau


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PM shows sensitivity and strength


I take issue with the opinions written by your inestimable columnist, Jean M. Gerber. Her rank dismissal of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s support of Israel is, clearly, driven by political ideology. Her comment that “yes, yes, Prime Minister Stephen Harper loves Israel. Better than he should love Canadians” is proof of the same. Gerber makes reference to our government’s policies on access to infor-mation, the welfare of Canadians, the needs of the vulnerable and environmental issues, the implication being that Harper is derelict in these matters.

We are fortunate that, given the existing fiscal restraints, a government is in place that is doing an admirable job. However, these are questions of policy that are subject to legitimate debate. Certainly they should not be trumped by a ques-tion that is not subject to debate – the support of the State of Israel at a time when it faces existential threats. Harper is leading the way for other nations to summon the courage to do what is right by his support of Israel. He is not doing so because he wants to pander to the Jewish People, but out of a firm conviction that it is the moral and right thing to do.

Citizens who are not taken in by the left’s political dogma will find it difficult to believe that a man like Harper who displays the sensitivity and strength of charac-ter to speak out on that which is just and fair turns into an ogre on the other polit-ical issues that call for the same attributes.

Sam Mitnick

Cote St.Luc, Que.

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Theatre of the absurd


As a further example of the moral bankruptcy and corruption of the United Na-tions and its agencies, Anne Bayefsky, a UN observer, reports that Iran will soon become the president of the Conference on Disarmament. It is common knowledge that Iran is in a race to acquire nuclear arms, and it will head an agen-cy committed to disarmament negotiations. Once again, the UN qualifies for an award as the theatre of the absurd.

Bert Raphael

Thornhill, Ont.

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Thanks readers for helping children


In 1973, following the Yom Kippur War, my husband and I visited Israel. As a member of Naamat Canada Toronto, I took the opportunity to see some of the work our members in Canada support. My favourite was seeing the beautiful chil-dren in our dayccare centres, most from disadvantaged homes. I couldn’t help but notice the disparity between my children and their friends, whose homes were filled with toys and games, and the situation for these children.

How does one reach the Jewish community for help? The CJN, of course! Since that time, the Dollars for David orange envelope has been an annual insert in the  paper at Chanukah. The response from your readers has grown every year since! You have helped to make many children happy. 

Goldie Burstein

Founder of Dollars for David

Naamat Canada Toronto

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CJN support


I was heartened when I read that it may be possible the paper might be available after all. I’m 64 years old and I’m disabled. I can’t attend services and social events, do the shopping, etc. It is not so bad thanks to my dear husband. But talk about no community! Please keep the paper edition of The CJN coming. I can’t make a donation, but we certainly can pay much more per year.

Elisheva Kom





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