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Sunday, October 4, 2015

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Week of May 1

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Setting the Israel trap

Adam Goldenberg laid the Israel trap, baited it, and then fell in himself (“The Israel trap,”The CJN, April 17). Jews are the same as all Canadians, even though the anti-Semites do not believe it.

Canadian Jews put Canada first, and if Prime Minister Stephen Harper does Canada harm, they will not vote for him, regardless of his support of Israel.

Murray Rubin



Harper does not speak for all

Michael Taube (“Canadian Jews will remain in the Tory camp,” The CJN, April 17) claims that “Jewish values and Tory values have a great deal in common.” If he is right, then I am ashamed to be Jewish.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative values include defunding charitable and social service organizations, attacking many honourable, dedicated public servants with false libel claims, denying and suppressing rational, scientific evidence, ignoring democratic votes, stonewalling criminal and judicial inquiries, subverting the institutions of parliamentary democracy, and using public funds lavishly to reward partisan supporters and to pay for partisan activities.

And, oh yeah, uncritical support of Israel, whatever its human, fallible government might say or do. No government, not Harper’s, not Israel’s, deserves mindless, uncritical support from an entire community.

My own Jewish values ensure that I will never support the Harper Conservatives.

Elaine Bander



Peace talks doomed

The CJN’s April 10 editorial, “Where do peace talks go from here?” argues that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is “completely ineffective” and suggested that President Barack Obama find a new diplomatic mediator, and it questions whether Obama “has the fortitude to orchestrate” a peace agreement.

The editorial pinned blame for the current impasse on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas because he does not comprehend reciprocity.

How can Abbas accept a “Jewish homeland” with no boundaries ? To where – the Euphrates River? Because, according to our Israeli religious Jewish zealots, who are dictating the turn of events on behalf of the moderate majority, the border is open-ended and Israel can gingerly manage the conflict.

These are the facts: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (and Knesset parliamentarians to his political right) have consistently resisted a peace process for decades, which would acknowledge the borders of 1967 with minor territorial exchanges; sharing the capital of Jerusalem for both Jews and Muslims; and resolving the issue of compensation for Palestinian refugees. 

And lastly, can you tell us which U.S. president or secretary of state including their envoys reached diplomatic success with the mighty “Teflon” Netanyahu?

Smadar Meiri

Thornhill, Ont.


Disputed vs. Occupied

For the second time recently, Bernie Farber has continued using “occupied” territory rather than “disputed” territory (“Two-state solution: nightmare or reality?” The CJN, April 10).

Israel is not the “occupier” of the West Bank. Instead of “West Bank,” he should call it what it is, Judea and Samaria.

As far as the Arab birthrate exceeding the Jewish birthrate, this is a fallacy. The Jewish birthrate now exceeds the Arab birthrate, and the chances of their becoming a larger population are questionable.

Ian Franklin


Don’t mess with the plan

Kudos to Joannie Tansky for celebrating having been created a Jewish woman, with all of our awesome rights and responsibilities, instead of whining for not having been created a Jewish man (“Let’s be the best Jewish women we can be,” The CJN, April 3). The Creator of all living beings knows what He is doing, so why try to mess with His plan.

Karen Boloten



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