March 30, 2017 - 3 Nissan 5777

Jewish Learning

Making up for lost time (or trying to) online

I'm new in the neighbourhood, having opened a Facebook account only eight months ago.

The Digital Genizah

Hundreds of Jewish books, many of which had vanished for centuries are now being made available to new generations of admirers online

Henri Lustiger Thaler: Survivors’ descendants reshape the narrative of the Shoah

With the survivor leaving the historical stage, in a sense, the Holocaust is everywhere. The very language of atrocity is Holocaust language

Naches and the Nobels: Jews and the prize

Nobel Prizes are always presented on Dec. 10 to an exclusive – yet surprisingly large – community, alas, not everyone can be a winner

The Holocaust in Romania and Transnistria

The National Commemoration Day of the Holocaust in Romania was held in October

My list of Leonard Cohen’s most Jewish songs

Today, I would like to offer up some of my favourite Cohen songs, which demonstrate a lifelong (albeit not exclusive) commitment to his religion


Mural by Sara Bates

Toronto’s Reform mikvah gets a decorative facelift

Many non-Orthodox Jews think that immersion in the mikvah is an old-fashioned or misogynistic ritual, but they’re increasingly using it in non-traditional spiritual ways,...


Costa Rica: the happiest country on earth

If you’re visiting Costa Rica for its natural beauty you won’t leave this small Central American country disappointed.

Ask Ella

Think outside the box for the perfect gift

This gift requires more thought. Think outside the box of a normal wedding gift. I’m sure they'll love the uniqueness and effort you put into their new union

When friends disappoint

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