October 23, 2017 - 3 Cheshvan 5778

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Ghosts of Jewish Warsaw don’t haunt the city, but murmur in...

Warsaw’s Jewish cemetery is more an open-air museum than a graveyard. Hundreds of barely legible, moss-covered tombstones, crooked with age, compete with house-sized mausoleums of the well-to-do.

Making up for lost time (or trying to) online

I'm new in the neighbourhood, having opened a Facebook account only eight months ago.

The Digital Genizah

Hundreds of Jewish books, many of which had vanished for centuries are now being made available to new generations of admirers online

Henri Lustiger Thaler: Survivors’ descendants reshape the narrative of the Shoah

With the survivor leaving the historical stage, in a sense, the Holocaust is everywhere. The very language of atrocity is Holocaust language

Naches and the Nobels: Jews and the prize

Nobel Prizes are always presented on Dec. 10 to an exclusive – yet surprisingly large – community, alas, not everyone can be a winner

The Holocaust in Romania and Transnistria

The National Commemoration Day of the Holocaust in Romania was held in October


B’nai Brith teams up with MADA for Passover Food Drive

Jewish families living at or below the poverty line in Montreal will be treated to a holiday food basket this Passover as B’nai Brith Canada prepares for its annual Holiday Food Drive.


Honeymooning while Orthodox, in Jewish Italy

When my wife and I began planning our honeymoon to Italy, we knew to set aside time for the usual tourist activities. But as Orthodox Jews, we also wanted to dedicate time for sights that would resonate more personally with us and our heritage.

Two days in Panama

Ask Ella

Money doesn’t make you a mensch

Dear Ella, I love my daughter-in-law Jess, but can’t stand her parents. They’re extremely well-off. They have a huge house in the city, a vacation...

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