May 27, 2018 - 13 Sivan 5778


Toronto school flip-flops on flag flap

Students and parents at Forest Hill Collegiate Institute in Toronto might be suffering whiplash this week, from watching school administrators reverse course on their decision to first allow a banner proclaiming Jewish Heritage Month, then remove it and finally reinstate it, all over the course of a few days.

Egyptian couple reunited in Canada after 55-year separation

When they were young, they attended the same Jewish day school in Egypt, but the political situation would rip the two of them apart – until now.


Q & A: Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi aims at unity

Rabbi David Lau, the Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi of Israel, discusses conversions, marriages, the Kotel and more.


Author Philip Roth dies at 85

Philip Roth was the author of and The Great American Novel.


Canadian business accelerator lauded as one of the best in the...

UBI Global, a Swedish data and advisory firm, ranked the Toronto-based York Entrepreneurship Development Institute as the number 1 university-linked business accelerator in the world.


Lessons from our mothers

For some of us, it is our first Mothers’ Day with a brand new baby. For others, it is a time of remembrance for mothers who are long gone. For many, it is also a time to think about the people in our lives who mothered us, as mothering comes in all shapes and sizes.

Miles Nadal donates $11 million to Mount Sinai heart centre

An $11-million donation given by entrepreneur and philanthropist Miles Nadal to the specialized cardiology program at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto will benefit the nearly 1.5 million Canadians who are diagnosed with heart disease every year.

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