March 30, 2017 - 3 Nissan 5777


Jewish employee brings Jewish employer to court for discrimination

Quebec's human rights commission said Jewish hairdresser in Montreal discriminated against by former Jewish employer who wouldn't let him work on Shabbat.

Profs compare Nazi-era, current campus atmospheres

In the early 1930s, Protestant theology professors were among Hitler’s first supporters. Today, many profs only teach material with anti-Israel bias.


Legal scholars debate Israel’s new land law

Former Labor MK Einat Wilf and Prof. Avi Bell took opposing positions on the law, which legalizes existing settlements built on privately held Palestinian land.


Is Trump owed an apology after JCC threat arrest?

Within seconds of the news of the arrest in Israel of an Israeli-American teenager for the bulk of the JCC bomb threats, Twitter lit up with Jewish anxiety.


200-year-old beer recreated to toast Jewish pioneers

L’affaire Hart's recipe, the beer which led to the 1832 legislation formally affirming Jewish political rights, is a hallowed relic of an ancient brew

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