• William Denis Guest

    Canada is a vast wealthy country, with the resources to provide equal opportunities for all its citizens. Prior to our 100th anniversary we accepted Indigenous Peoples as full persons under the law! Perhaps we could provide equal opportunity to health, safety and education prior to our 150th anniversary.

    This is the legislation I petition the Upper House to initiate.

    1 All First Nation children’s education be funded to the level of French students in

    2 All First Nation’s communities be funded to provide the same level of health
    services, social service access and infrastructure as any town of 10,000 in
    Canada would expect.

    3 That all historic documents held in public or private libraries, archives and
    collections be made public for all to access, by law.

    4 That denial of this history identified in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
    Report be labeled and judged a Hate Crime.