• darylchristensen

    It’s a shame the complaint was anonymous. But there is no evidence to support that accusation.

  • Kai

    All the more reason the Republic of the United States should defund
    anything to do with Israel for their promotion of human rights
    violations and failure to do so when that act is done illegally .
    call any name you want .We are used to the false cry of wolf . And
    orally sucking a baby’s penis ? Giving it a sexually transmitted disease
    ?.No offense to good Jewish people that can be practitioners without ritual blood sacrifice or child sexual mutilation.

  • Joey GF

    So anyway men own THEIR reproductive organ its not just “woman’s body woman’s right!”. The old anti Semitic routine *yawn*. Who thinks men are born with penile birth defects LOL a $mohel$ a $Dr$!

  • joseph4gi

    The anti-Semite card strikes again! Herpes babies all be damned…

  • James Mac

    Don’t look over here at the baby-boy-penis-sucking doctor, look over there at the anti Semite. Classic deflection tactic. Disgusting.

  • Serene Johnson

    Does this man misunderstand that its not about being Anti-Jew. It is a desire for one to be in charge of ones own body?!

  • kearsten

    Being against genital mutilation of children (no matter their sex) has absolutely ZERO to do with being antin-Semite and everything to do with it being unnecessary surgery with no PROVEN benefits. It IS harmful because it kills babies annualy. It is harmful because the tissue is not damaged or diseased, therefore amputation is not required and is medically unethical. It is exactly the same as holding down a young girl and cutting her genitals, which is a religious practice for some…but it is ok for THAT to be illegal! Why is it wrong to let the boy himself decide whether HE wants to take that covenant? He will remain Jewish if his mother is….not being mutilated doesn’t mean he is no longer Jewish.
    Freedom OF religion also means freedom FROM religion! YOUR rights end where another person’s body begins! Banning circumcision has zero to do with parents and THEIR beliefs and everything to do with the CHILD’S rights to bodily autonomy!

    • Monicatoby

      Good points, that not being circumcised does not exclude a boy from being Jewish. I have a friend who is Jewish and left her son intact. They are observant Jews and her son was never excluded from anything, including the Bar Mitzva, because he wasn’t circumcised.

  • William Ortego

    My body and my choice come before my parents religious preferences and practices. This is shameful. Any person who harms a child should be in prison.

  • M Lyndon

    Opposition to male circumcision is about children’s rights, not anti-Semitism, and a disproportionate number of intactivists are Jewish themselves. Brit Shalom is an alternative naming ceremony to celebrate the birth of baby boys to Jewish families. There are several websites run by Jewish people opposed to infant circumcision.

  • James3D

    People who violate the genitals of children should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    Religion is no excuse. The charge of “anti-semitism” is a desperate attempt to deflect attention from the issue, one of human rights.

  • Monicatoby

    Sometimes I wonder if these people who cry antisemitism over this issue think they are the center of the universe! I just looked up the percentages of the American and Canadian population who are Jewish. The numbers varied a little, but the average of the ones I saw were 2% or less. Yet, there are those from within that tiny percentage who think that intactivists have no reason to try to end the practice of circumcision, except to persecute them! I began my quest to end this practice, more than 30 years ago, because I wanted to protect baby boys from being strapped down and having their penises torn, crushed and cut. Now, there are many more reasons that I oppose it, but persecuting the Jews is NOT one of them!

  • Loki

    “Definitely benefits’
    Please inform national health organizations because there isn’t a single one on earth that agrees with you.
    Typical circumfetish response. Get this sick Jew out of my country.

  • Joey GF

    So anyway men own THEIR reproductive organ. The old tired anti semitic routine *yawn*. GOMCO CLAMP’S and PLASTIBELL’S would not be allowed in a SAW movie yet they are ok to FORCE on perfect newborns for no REAL $reason$. Is it the family vagina also or just family penis?

  • Daniel Seely

    Sorry, the complaint was based on your mutilating, then sucking babies’ penises. You should be ashamed for using the “anti-semite” card to cover your despicable behavior.

  • Mike

    The Jews themselves acknowledged this issue and are preparing changes to allow a Jew to keep his foreskin and his bond with his maker. Now, get rid of kosher and halal slaughtering.

  • Mglass

    Jesin’s use of the anti-Semitism card is a smokescreen. What Jesin needs to explain is his connection with Circlist, a circumcision fetish website. Jesin’s use of Circlist is clear from his own website. Google “Jesin circumcision clinic + medical benefits” for proof of his use of Circlist material. Links to some of Circlist’s questionable material can be found by Googling “circlist + masturbation” and “circlist + styles + page 6”

  • Amanda Veronica

    So, apparently speaking out against, and trying to stop a grown man from putting his mouth on babies bloody penises is anti Semitic. OK then, that’s why there were what, 2 Jewish people also protesting this in person (and countless others in sprit)!! I mean, the holocaust was absolutely deplorable. It’s horrible and disgusting and outrageous that Jews were treated this way!! Absolutely disgusting!! …But please, for the love of humanity, stop using it as an excuse to continue outdated, harmful blood rituals and sexual assault of minors!!! Jewish people came up with the idea of Brit Shalom, it is not non Jewish people forcing anything on Jews. Infant Circumcision IS anti-Semitic. Babies, Jewish babies die from complications. How can the Jews ever be free while at the same time being enslaved to an ancient blood ritual that is effectively killing them off!

  • The original, very tentative claim by a layperson was not part of the case presented to the hearing by the lawyer, which was entirely based on hygiene.

    He said Public Health Canada has published best practices in perinatology [health of young babies], and that the practice of metzitzah – even modified by use of a 10cc syringe, 3 inches (7.5 cm)
    long – still poses a health risk that would certainly violate PHC standards.

    “How could one get only 3in or 7.5cm away from a child’s open wound, with a bare face, and not risk wound contamination by hair, dander [dandruff], sputum [saliva], etc.?” Mr Geisheker asked.

    Are all complaints about animal cruelty to be dismissed if they come from vegetarians?

  • Jimmy Vermeer

    I’m not an anti-Semite. You can be a Jew all you want. Just stop mutilating children.